View Full Version : STOLEN 2014 Iron 883, London UK

7th May 2016, 19:26
Hi everyone, been absent from the forum for a few months, so sad that the reason that brings me back is to sound the alarm on my stolen bike.

my 2014 iron 883 (black) was stolen from outside the Ibis Hotel in Greenwich, London, on Thursday 5th May, sometime between 8-10pm (approx). devastated is an understatement. The bike was an indulgent treat I bought myself brand new (with a loan obvs), on completing part of my studies. On the night it was stolen, I was attending uni for the very final time. The irony hurts. I of course dont expect to ever see the bike again, and will be looking to get a replacement when my insurance company sort it out, but in the faint hope that MY bike is around, can be found, is in good order etc, I want back.

If anyone knows anything, or hears of a questionable sale of a bike matching my description, Id really appreciate the heads up.

Equally, id like to warn any other riders to fully secure those HDs (well, all bikes)!! Safe riding all.


7th May 2016, 20:05
I'm really sorry to hear this Nick. I hope you get your bike back, or if not, get a good replacement.

7th May 2016, 20:42
+1.I hope you get your bikeback