View Full Version : new mods in the sunshine

13th April 2008, 20:58
A few weeks ago I made a bracket to mount the coil on top of the enrichener bracket, and a couple of small brackets to lift the front of the tank. I shoved some pix on here, then took these bits off, dressed and painted them in smoothrite, and put the whole lot back together. I also managed to acquire some OEM switch housings at a clear out sale at the dealers for £5, so I took the paint remover to them and then set about polishing them. I treated myself to a proper polishing kit for use on my drill in the workshop, so every bit of alloy is due a right good buffing! (Done the rocker covers, the handlebar clamps, derby cover, and the headlight eyebrow visor so far.
I put the Doherty A/C and a Wimmer catch can that I bought from Folkie, and spent a few happy hours up and down the roads, getting the mixture just right, as I also put the original pipes back on.

Now it runs right, handles pretty well, and looks something like what I had in mind. Funny how some simple mods and a few punds can make the bike look quite different.

19th June 2008, 14:36
Hi there,Nice... how many inch is ur mini ape?