View Full Version : Stolen 2010 Sportster (with video of theft!)

10th August 2016, 03:37
Dont know the guy, but hes a friend of a friend.. And the theft was caught on video!!

Video here (instagram video):

And the bike itself:

!!!!STOLEN!!!! Last night Greenpiont, Brooklyn. Please share /repost 2010 sportster, S&S air cleaner, drag bars, wrapped pipes. #NYC

17th December 2016, 04:43
sad day. whoever set up the security did not follow protocol, cheaped out to say. you always have video upon video, that way if someone takes out a camera, it is covered by another. It would have been better to have 360* coverage here so the whole vehicle could be covered. sure hope you find it.


15th June 2017, 22:38
it seems the guys were aware to be caught on camera... damned

15th June 2017, 23:08
Did they take the second bike? Was that a pipe that fell out of the van when they opened the door? It's amazing how people even attempt to do something like this. Start watching eBay and craigslist for the bike. Hopefully the cops were able to get the plate of the van from other cameras in the area that may have captured it. I would never leave my bike outside in Brooklyn overnight like that. I don't even like leaving it in my driveway or in front of my house for even 5 minutes because I don't like other people knowing there is a bike on my property. But unfortunately people in allot of the 5 boroughs don't have the luxury of a garage or shed to store a bike in.

16th June 2017, 04:43
Guy never got his bike back. If you saw his account, he got a triumph and just had insurance to recover whatever money he might of lost.

16th June 2017, 05:19
Those bikes should've been chained together...

16th June 2017, 05:35
their is a facebook page called stolen Harley Davidson hotline where a lot of people post if their bike gets stolen sorry to hear about it the number of bikes getting stolen is unbelievable

1st October 2017, 07:15
modern technology would offers solutions
Have you ever present IPhone feaure to block completely the phone if it gets stolen?
The same thing you can apply even to your bike since her, just like a smartphone, can't run without electronics...