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9th January 2006, 17:39
Recently I ordered a pair of Saddlemen saddlebags from Sorgy. They didn't fit because the yolk is too short. Unfortunately I couldn't return them to Sorgy without losing half the purchase price in shipping and re-stocking fee so I sent a message to Saddlemen asking if they could sell an extension for the bags. (Velcro fastener strap) Today I got a prompt and welcome response from them. I was to call their 800 # and order the extension strap free of charge!:clap This is the kind of service I always hope for but really don't expect. Their products are made in the good ole USA too. Once I get the bags installed I'll post pictures of them. Saddlemen gets my vote as a great company and I will buy their products again.:flag_kans:pgrflag:

9th January 2006, 19:00
Cool, post the pics so we can compare. I did get on of their bags for the sissy bar and like the quality. Glad to hear of superior customer service.

9th January 2006, 19:07
Yes they did the same for me too.