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26th January 2005, 03:21
Putting together a 1969 xlch. Old custom chrome frame, bolt on hard tail with fat bobs. It has the orginal wheels and front end. What I would like to do is install a 140 Metzler on the rear oem wheel. I'm not sure I can do it without drive changes. Planned on a 130 but would like to go larger. Nothing like kicking old iron to life!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS.................

26th January 2005, 03:48
I have a 120/90-18 tire on the back of mine and it only clears the chain by 1/4''. I had to cut the fender strut attach bolts flush with the nuts so they wouldn't hit the tire. The chain also barely clears the oil tank. If you look,there's a slot built in to the oil tank to accommodate the chain in the travel of the suspension. With a weld or bolt on hard tail, the suspension is at it's lowest point. Moving the drive chain out to clear the tire will require a different oil tank I think. If it's the stock wheel, it's an 18'' is it not? The 120 is still fairly thick and adds to that old school look IMHO.

26th January 2005, 04:14
Hey Kicker welcome to the forum. :clap :clap More IRON, gotta love it. Like to see some pix of yer scoot. On my 74, before I put the 16" rim on I had 120 Kenda Challenger (sport type tire) on the orig rim, had 1/4" or so clearence. Then the wife bought a 16" with an Avon 130 Venom, has about 1/8" clearence or so, my next tire will be Avon Venom 140....the worst case scenario, is maybe I'll shave a little material off the rib of the tireon the chain side for clearence...thats only talkin chain clearence, a 140 will definately fit the swingarm...hope thats helpful.....Mike 74xlh :smoke

26th January 2005, 21:27
Thanks for your info. Ya dacronco, 18" is correct and there is a horse shoe tank on it now, so I won't have to worry about that end of it. With your and 74's help I feel the 130 is the way to go. No pics now but soon I hope. Nice bikes bro's, but 74 that 53flh is as we say titts!!!!!!

26th January 2005, 22:53
I run a 130 on the back of my rigid

26th January 2005, 23:15
To kick is a art..... feel it, stroke it, fire it! Belts I always thought were to hold up my britches. Drums..........well the idea is to have more insane HP then the next guy, resulting in insane speeds, therefore the need to have tire smoking stops. The whole reason to ride is to feel the bike, lug it, feel it work under you. With these new super hp motors they will never feel the stroke under lug. In my mind there missing the point!

27th January 2005, 01:06
I don't know...I'm not that crazy about the big 'Fat' tires....especially on older Harleys....doesn't look right to me.

I'd go the Avon 16"/5.00S or the Goodyear 5.00/16 type. They look 'RIGHT'...taller sidewalls and all.....especially with a 19" or 21" Avon 3.00 Speedmaster on the front. Its 'ole skool' at its best.

I'm going the Avon set-up myself on my 74 XLCH because I changed it to a 'Bobber' style from its Drag/Cafe Racer style this past Fall. The Current low profile Dunlops, while they looked great don't cut-it with the 'Bobber' style

Course, its your bike and you should go with what you like.....