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16th January 2006, 00:20
Good Evening all,
I installed the add-on tach to my sporty today. All went well, it works just like it should. Here is my question: After I pulled the speedo, and eyebrow mount the connector was right there staring at me. Putting it all back together, I dont like how hard that wiring is stuffed in that space. Does the deutsch connector actually get put inside the headlight bucket? I can see how all the other wiring has a space, but that connector needs a home. My clymer manual is of no help either.Thanks!

Also, if someone can give me a quick tutorial, I will post the pics of my bike.

16th January 2006, 08:46
You didn't say what year of bike you have so I can only talk expertly (ha ha) about mine, 1994. Inside the headlight bucket are already 2 Deutsch connectors, one for the right handlebar controls and one for the left handlebar controls. I moved my gauge connector inside the bucket and believe me its a tight fit. My headlight sits just a little cockeyed because of it. I am in the process of switching out the connectors for the mini Deutsch connectors to see if I can get a better fit. Either way, I do like the look a lot better with all the connectors in the headlight bucket. Roger

16th January 2006, 14:56
Sorry, I should have included it... Its a 1998. I have to say, that the dirctions for the tach from HD were some of the worst I have ever seen. Nothing matched my year, I read those things over a dozen times to get it right. Very happy with the final outcome, just worried over how cramped that wiring and connector are behind the headlight.

Sportster Girl
16th January 2006, 15:08

Since you're a premium member, you have access to the downloads section. There is a link to Bert's install for a tach for the pre '04's on there:


Maybe that will be of some help....:D

16th January 2006, 17:56
Thanks for the reply SG. I looked that over in detail, along with your posts and others before I started the install. I believe most of the pics were of a custom model and a little bit newer. I pulled off the eyebrow today, pushed back some leads into the bucket. Then moved that deutsch connector on top of the bucket just under the eyebrow. It fits much nicer and seems to be right now. I would have loved to take it for a spin, but its so cold here now I would have frozen. Thanks to all for the help!

Sportster Girl
16th January 2006, 18:13
Great, glad it worked out.

As far as pics, you can do several things. One, you can make a post, then keep scrolling down until you see "manage atttachments". You can add on some thumbnail pics that way.

Also, you can load some up the the XL Forum Gallery, then link them to your post.

Or, you can have images imbedded in a thread, linked to an outide source like photobucket.com. Would love to see those pics.....


Moved On
16th January 2006, 21:49
Typically the instrument cluster connector does not go into the bucket, it hangs out near the steering column.


17th January 2006, 19:56
I changed out my headlight this weekend and posted pix in the Cafe Sportster section a few minutes ago. The gage cluster Deutsch connector was mounted up under the eyebrow - all other wiring was stuffed inside the headlight shell. When I put the new 7" headlight on, I thought the gage connector would make it too crowded in the new shell, but maybe it would have fit. However, I removed the eyebrow (permanently) and I needed to do something with that harness, so I went to Radio Shack and bought a small, black plastic project component box (they come in various sizes) for about $3 and cut two access holes for the wires and closed up the connector into the box. I then wire-tied it to the turn signal wires to keep the box relatively straight and tucked away. If you wern't looking for it you would never know it's there. I'm pleased with the way it came out. :banana