View Full Version : Mezteler 880 vs. Dunlop GT501

16th January 2006, 21:48
I know there's a lot out there about the ME880's, and these have been my first choice for tires when I replace come spring. My question is does anyone knoe anythng about the Dunlop GT501s? They look good, and from what I've heard they're replacing the K591 (stock on the 1200S).

I'd like to get a little more grip than the stock Dunlops, but I don;t want o sacrafice too much mileage - is Metz still the way to go?

17th January 2006, 20:25
Nobody? Geez...make something up if you have to!

17th January 2006, 20:53
Well, I started using the mets about 3 years ago, have never had any issues, and mileage is way better than that of stock...just my .02 cents worth.