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19th January 2006, 04:01

Just wondering if anyone is using the EBC "FD Series" Full-Floating Rotors supplied by Trak-Tek?

Quote from the Trak-Tek website: "These full-floating contoured stainless rotors from EBC are a direct swap for the OEM solid boat-anchors. They feature polished stainless steel carriers, high-friction stainless rotors, and sturdy riveted construction using EBC's unique pressure washer system that allows float but keeps the rotor tight during use. Their contoured profile looks about as trick as anything on the market. 5 rivet units go on the front, 10 rivet units at the rear. You can run these with your stock calipers. These rotors are non-directional - simply order 2 front rotors for dual-disc applications. New grade 8 mounting hardware included".

These are really nice looking rotors, and EBC makes quality brake parts.

$169.95 ea. + shipping (of course, I would need 2 for the front of my bike)

Any input from anyone? :)


19th January 2006, 16:31

I'm probably not the guy you were hoping to hear from, but... these rotors are so new they *just* made it into the '06 EBC catalog. We've sold about 12 pieces since we started carrying them in November. There's only one customer that I'm aware of who is a regular reader of this forum.

Weights came up in another thread... I'll post some data here, while I have the scale all fired-up...

Front "wide band" (for OEM calipers)
3 lb, 6 oz.

Front "narrow band" (aftermarket 4/6 piston calipers, e.g. Wilwood, PM, GMA)
3 lb, 2 oz.

Rear "wide band"
4 lb, 9 oz,

Rear "narrow band"
4 lb, 4 oz.

This compares favorably with the old MD series shown lower on the same page on our site:

Front (wide band only)
4 lb, 8 oz.

Rear (wide band only)
5 lb, 4 oz.

Anyhow, for what it's worth, these are some nice rotors. They come either in the scalloped "contour" profile shown, or in regular round profile, which are probably slightly heavier (I don't have any to weigh.)

They're all stainless, so a Scotchbrite pad will do the trick for anyone who doesn't like the polished SS carriers.

These rotors are true "full floaters" unlike alot of the stuff out there (e.g. the XL1200S "floaters") that should be more properly called "semi-floating." EBC uses a convoluted spring washer behind the drive buttons, that allows about 1mm or so of lateral movement. Semi-floaters like the 1200S rotors are riveted directly to the carrier, which allows much less movement.

Anyhow, they're a quality product, and cool-looking, at a good price point. That's why we carry them.

Best regards,

19th January 2006, 16:39

If it means anything, I plan on doing those rotors eventually, probalby next year (unless I come into some money sooner!). The only thing I have to decide is if to keep my OE calipers or upgrade.

19th January 2006, 17:08
I think I've already posted this elsewhere, but we're carrying Wilwood GP-310 4-piston calipers in polished aluminum. These are a pound lighter EACH than the Kelsey-Hayes calipers, they fit with spoked wheels on OEM hubs, and they work with the "narrow band" rotors. $199.95 each. Beautiful product, not on our site yet, but you can see them here:


Also, contrary to what it says on that page, they work with 2004+ fork sliders as well.

Best regards,

Chris Leger

19th January 2006, 18:58
Well, I had a long talk on the phone with Chris at Trak-Tek this morning. Really a nice guy and a pleasure to do business with.

I ordered a set of those beautiful EBC full-floating rotors today. Ordered a set of organic brake pads too ... I opted on the organic pads vs metal sintered pads because metal sintered pads can be a little hard on rotors.

So, when I get these parts installed, I will post a couple of photos.



20th January 2006, 03:10
They sure look Good!!!!

Keep us posted Ron!!!

21st January 2006, 00:45
sure will ...