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19th January 2006, 22:37
i've noticed that this topic have been almost beaten to death, yet i still haven't found a definative answer. i've got a 1999 sportster 1200, and im wondering if a 4.5" x 17" rear rim off of a deuce will fit my sportster. i'm thinking of running a 150/70-17 bridgestone bt45v on it. fender clearance isn't an issue (cause i'm ripping it off). will it fit? if not, what would i need to do to make it fit? maybe an offset chain? also, will i need the brake disc as well?

thanks guys,

24th January 2006, 03:59
Don't know about the rim itself but a 140 is the widest you can go on pre-04 with the belt on. To go 150 you'll need convert to chain drive. Trak-Tek has a good price on a complete kit. You even get to choose your gear ratio. Goes for about $200. Wish I could help on the rim issue a little more. Any particular reason you want to swap?


24th January 2006, 22:30
i mainly want to go with a wider tire for handling. also, im planning on removing my rear fender, so i think a wider tire would fill the rear a bit.


25th January 2006, 04:16
i'm wondering if the deuce rear wheel would fit an 05 as well... i know i need to put the 1 inch bearings... someone on this forum was saying something about putting it on an 04, wonder if he finished?

14th February 2006, 20:28
I'm running a 150 on stock 16 wheel, and i had to shim both pulleys(so that belt didnt rub against tire). Thought about chain conversion, but for next project will invest in wide drive kit.

17th February 2006, 05:18
Here is the thread about installing a 17" Deuce rear wheel on the 04 and up Sportys: