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26th January 2005, 21:40
you run pipes with no mufflers?
like, what kind of problems does this create. i mean, i see these guys on discovery channel or whatever making their own pipes.
they never show them installing baffles or anything like that.
so do ya think they just run straight pipes?

also, some of the guys that live around me removed the insides from their thunderheaders, and i was considering removing mine.

26th January 2005, 22:14
I took the baffles out of my SE's and lost a lot of low-end. I then went with a set of Krome Werks with baffles and realized just how much I had lost. Seat of the pants, bike feels stronger through the whole rpm range.

26th January 2005, 22:28
for street riding you really need the baffles for backpressure. On the drag strip you can take them out. Some people think drag pipes sound better, but if you get the right setup mufflers can sound just as good.

27th January 2005, 00:57
thx for the info! :smoke

27th January 2005, 02:05
y, i see these guys on discovery channel or whatever making their own pipes.

Just cuz you see it on Discovery doesn't necessarily make it good. Those bikes and everything done to them have a singular goal and it ain't performance. :frownthre

27th January 2005, 02:31
rodger that will, thats why their always havin trouble startin those bikes lol

27th January 2005, 04:48
I would say the OCC guys are the last people you want to learn about motorcycles from.

27th January 2005, 08:10
Read this thread.....


Ya don't need "back pressure" ... it's an urban myth...

If your jetting is correct you can run without mufflers .... although it'd probably only be any good at rev ranges ya never wanted to use...

28th January 2005, 00:24
edit..thx steve for the thread man :smoke