View Full Version : One Pipe Dirty, One Clean

26th April 2008, 17:35
I put some new pipes on 400 miles ago. Gas mileage is worse and one pipe is dirtier than the other at the exhaust exit. Both cylinders are firing and there seems to be no loss of power.

Any advice where to check next? Replace the plugs? Thank you

26th April 2008, 17:55
What kind of pipes? Mine are short, and I notice that the rear one has more deposits, but I think it's just because the forward one is longer, so less of it makes it to the opening (it gets deposited further up inside the pipe). Also, one cylinder might run richer.

26th April 2008, 17:59
These are pretty short pipes (Sinister w/baffles). And yes, the rear one is shorter and has the deposits.

If one cylinder is running richer, what should I do? Thanks

26th April 2008, 18:07
you might check for an intake leak on one of the cylinders. if one side is getting a little more air (leaner) that would explain a difference.

26th April 2008, 18:17
Ok its a V twin the rear cyl runs hotter then the front and also the rear cyl runs richer then the front ! so I would say its normal ! check your plugs and they should look ok