View Full Version : v-rod wheel

20th January 2006, 03:11
Looking to do a 200 tire kit on a 2002 1200c, Anyone know if a v-rod rear wheel can be used with sporty axle, rotor, and pulley?

20th January 2006, 03:28
i would seriously doubt it

22nd January 2006, 20:42
theres a good reason why there are plenty of these wheels [solid type on ebay] they act like sails in a cross wind .

24th January 2006, 17:56
I am looking into to doing the same thing scooter... Here is what I've found so far.. The VROD wheel is wide enough. It is an 18" rim so you would have to use a low profile tire. I just don't know about the axle diameter. It's a pretty good bet it wouldn't be right, but maybe it is a bearing swap.. FYI.. The big boar wide tire kit sells now for $1,300. but you can still buy it for $1,000 on AME chopper site through Jan... I'm in the process of installing a Seeger chopper kit.. the 200mm wide tire is next...