View Full Version : 412 install help

21st January 2006, 22:09
I read the how-to above on installing shocks. I bought the 12" 412's for my 05 1200c. I dont have a stand, but I have a sisscors jack. I took off the left side shock, and cant seem to jack it up so the shock will line up. How the heck do I get it to line up? Do I need to get a stand and or remove both shocks?

21st January 2006, 22:31
Go to Northern, Sears or Pep Boys and get a atv/lawn tractor/motorcycle jack. I think Northern or Pep Boys are less expensive than Sears, but Sears has one that you can take the handle off for easier rightside access. Don't forget the tie-downs for security.

You will have to take both shocks off if the stockers are of different length than the 412's. You'll have to let the rear wheel lightly rest on the ground while you are lining up the mounting holes, or some way to raise/lower the wheel... A little 'finesse' is needed at times.