View Full Version : Rode today, 10 days post op.

Bama Lee XLC
15th April 2019, 01:07
just a short ride after adjusting my clutch.......but dammit y'all I couldn't STAND being off my bike any longer!:tour

My loving wife was standing in the driveway with her arms crossed when I got home.......she didn't see the humor in me slipping off sans helmet ( in a helmet mandatory state ) to tour the neighborhood with my hand still draining.........

here's my hand yesterday.....I tried telling her the "clutch pull" is an actual physical therapy exercise........no such luck.

https://oi391.photobucket.com/albums/oo357/6StringBender/hand_zpsbpdiqrkx.jpg (http://s391.photobucket.com/user/6StringBender/media/hand_zpsbpdiqrkx.jpg.html)
https://oi391.photobucket.com/albums/oo357/6StringBender/hand2_zpss3pktwbw.jpg (http://s391.photobucket.com/user/6StringBender/media/hand2_zpss3pktwbw.jpg.html)

15th April 2019, 13:44
Careful you don't strain anything.

20th April 2019, 22:15
I prefer not to invite damage by being childish but I care about recovering from surgery.

The beauty of America is we're free to do stupid things. That doesn't make it smart.

21st April 2019, 08:24
The bike will still be there when your ready.
Fight the rush and listen to the wife.
Jeez did I just say that?

Bama Lee XLC
21st April 2019, 12:28
The bike will still be there when your ready.
Fight the rush and listen to the wife.
Jeez did I just say that?

thanks for the sentiment....w/o trying to make me feel stupid.

I know what I did wasn't the smartest.........

21st April 2019, 13:41
Well. Did not drop the scoot. Did not tear stitches. No oozing. All in all. A good outcome.

Now. Just step back and let things settle for 4 or more days and see what is what. Give time for repair.

Edit: from mass experience here. I seem to remember 6 weeks is the sweet spot.

21st April 2019, 13:43
I feel your pain Lee,
There have been times I wanted to work on my engine but the legs just wouldn't go that far.
It may help your feelings to just sit in the saddle for a while or even (briefly) fire it up.
It can also help to remember that arsehole that pulled out in front of you once and you had to maneuver around them.
Then ask yourself if your hand would be up to it.
Only you know your limitations.
Your wife's just trying to help. That's what she does......

Bama Lee XLC
29th April 2019, 21:35
thanks guys ......at 3 weeks post op i'm riding like normal, and in about 3 more weeks am having surgeries on the other hand and wrist.
I won't have "anything to prove" then and won't go freakazoid over a few weeks off my bike.

sorry Farmall.........didn't mean to puff up on you.......i'll hope I just took what you said all wrong.

29th April 2019, 21:51
I'd rather you HEAL and get to ride more! I was simply being direct with no sugar coating. I call 'em like I see them and repeat surgeries wouldn't be fun. Physician recommendations aren't by accident.

Take my bro for example. He had an uneventful vasectomy and thought he knew his limitations so he moved some furniture... His sack swole to baseball size and he was off duty in bed for a week until the swelling went down. OTOH when I had mine I stayed in my dorm and did nothing for four days. No pain, no problem and most importantly no damage. Even disconnected family jewels have sentimental value.

Bama Lee XLC
13th May 2019, 03:48
well.....that "3 more weeks" until my next surgery turned out to be more like 3 DAYS because workers comp decided i'm a priority after all.

anyhow, it's Sunday night and I had 2 more operations last Tuesday........this time the Dr. says it's more serious, longer incisions, at least 4 weeks off the bike and won't even discuss what he had to do until my post op checkup on 5/31.

part of my hand still locks up unless I use the other hand to "unlock" the joint (this was why I had surgery) I HOPE THIS IMPROVES.
Dr. doesn't even want me to change the dressing until Tuesday ( 1 week post op ) but i'll certainly post up pics when I do.

my LEFT hand is at about 75% now but i'm going to have terrible arthritis in the knuckles (this was already discussed by my Dr)....it's still improving slowly.

1st June 2019, 05:47
Well it's the 31st. I hope the Doc had good news for you. I completely feel your pain when the Doc says no riding. On May 8 I went to the emergency room cause I no kidding thought I was having a stroke while riding. right side went dead, foot fell off the peg, couldn't pick it up for nothing. honestly thought I was going to run it over. Got parked, took a few minutes to get the bike shut down and kick stand down. Remember no right foot to support this thing. Anyway, no stroke, but a tumor the size of an egg. brain surgery, and two weeks later I'm riding again, cause you know he said no driving, not no riding. Anyway, hope you're on your way back to normal.