View Full Version : Scored some goodie's today.

22nd January 2006, 08:24
Hi all.

Ok, so my dealer(Paridice) is having there yearly inventory sale on part and accesory's, and so like I'm there at 8:45 this moring(they open at 9:00) and what do I find???

A brand new Thunderheader with the heat sheild for a 2000-2003 with forward controls for get this 244.00.
Yes, it is chrome......and beautiful.

And later that day, a Screamin' eagle fork brace i bid on a couple days back ended, and to my surprise, i won it for 61.00 bucks.
Figured i missed it being gone most the day, but I guess everyone else missed it too.

All in all, a good bargan hunting day.

And now they say we are to get a couple sunny days up here after a month a rain.
I hope so.:clap

22nd January 2006, 14:11
Congrats! You did good. :clap

22nd January 2006, 14:15
Jeffy, I think you are going to be quite pleased with the exhaust change. I am not sure what you currently have but this will be better. Enjoy the sweet sound of the T-header, there is nothing else quite like it.

22nd January 2006, 14:56
Damn, Jeff, you stole that T-Header!!!

I'm sure you will like it.....I was seriously considering one for my scoot.

Let us know how it works out.

22nd January 2006, 15:03
Saw one slightly used go for less on ebay redrider.

Johnny G
22nd January 2006, 15:36
Nice score I have been thinking about a chrome thunder header for mine beings I dont like the sound of the V&H straitshots

BWP 5p
22nd January 2006, 16:25

I think you guys will like the Thunder. It sings a great song:banana

23rd January 2006, 06:08
Thanks all, I am waiting to do the 1200 conversion to install.

Today was the first day in a month I got to ride.....sure was nice to get a bit of saddle time.

23rd January 2006, 06:22
Congrats on your score, Jeff! Can't wait to see your bike with everything on it! I got out for a ride today, too! A little chilly at first, but the sun came out around two and warmed things up to around 48-50F...good enuf for me...that rain just about did me in this time...32 days straight is a test for the most solid long time western Oregonian! When ya going to do your conversion? Mike

23rd January 2006, 06:42
As soon as thing slow down at the shop.

Auto repair is a "Feast or Famen" type of work, one day you can't see the light at the end of it, then your polishing your tool box waiting for the next job.
Winter is normally our slow time, but things are just going like gangbusters........not that I am complaining....I may have a sore back, but the paychecks are looking good.

Anyway, even if things don't slow, in two weeks I can take her down, it will take three to four days for the cylinders to get drilled and fitted, and then I'm good to go.

I have decided to, at this time, to run the stock cams. I have ported and installed high flow valves in the heads, so when(Or If) I need to get some cams, the bike will respond.

With the 1200 reworded heads, 10 to 1 flat tops, a SE adjustable ignition and now a Thunderheader, i hope to get 85 out of it.....but will settle for 80.

Once broke in, I plan to have the dealer dyno it so I can see where I'm at.

I am trying to keep the bike realistic, I don't need to run the quarter 11 seconds, or try to set a land speed record, I just want a bit more when i twist the throttle.

We will see.