View Full Version : Did you own a Sporty before?

27th January 2005, 17:56
I have a 03 883R,I'm kinda bummed that they're bringing out the "R" again. My question is did you have a non rubber before. And how does your new bike compare to the older bike?

27th January 2005, 18:05
I have riden models prior to '04. The fun factos is about the same. The ride on the newer models is much better dues to the rubber mounts and more rubber out back. The new 883R is a good looking bike..gotta get the orange!

27th January 2005, 20:55
I had a 2002 XLH 883/1200 before I got my 2005 XLC 1200. There is a noticable difference. The '05 is of course very smooth, and you can ride MUCH longer without fatigue. The 4.5 gal gas tank totally takes the worry out of gas stops.

The '05 has lost some of the fun factor. The '02 vibrated so much under hard acceleration that I always got an immediate adrenaln shot. The '05 is so smooth that that is missing. Also there is a very noticeable reduction in lean angle. On top of that, hard parts drag on the '05. I guess some of the thril (fear) comes back when cornering agressively.

Overall, I like the '05 better.

27th January 2005, 21:42
My last bike was a Ninja...big difference when I got my current Sporty. The Ninja was great when I had the juvenile death wish of extreme speed and take-offs...but I much prefer the Sporty now that I'm older and wiser.


27th January 2005, 22:05
Two actually. My first was a chopped '58 so it's not quite right to compare. I do like pushing a button to start. I remember forgetting to retard the timing, and getting my ankle bones tweaked a few times. Number two was a '99 1200C. It seemed unstable above 80 mph and my hands were numb after about 60 miles at 75 mph. My '05 1200C is stable at 115 mph and I can ride all day long without vibe fatigue. I love it.

27th January 2005, 23:04
This is my 3rd Sporty, 1977 Stolen in 1981, 1983 sold do to a job loss in 1988, and now 2005. I hope I have better luck with this one.

27th January 2005, 23:21
Yep, '66 XLCH. Check my avitar. The '05 883L is much more refined and it don't bite like a rattlesnake either. :yikes

27th January 2005, 23:45
I've owned a 2002 XL-883, 2002 FXD, and a 2003 XL-883R. My current 2005 XL-883 is superior to them in every way. It will be a 1200 very soon and I think the new Sportsters are the best HD has ever built.

27th January 2005, 23:46
(XLCH) Pushing the button is much better than the old kicker when it doesn't start on the first try.

28th January 2005, 00:27
Yep, a 1992 883/1200. What most people say is true. The solid mount bikes give you more feeling of your bike but, the newer rubber mount bikes are more pleasureable to ride as far as comfort goes. Smoother, larger and less vibration. I had a Dyna in between and got spoiled on the smooth ride. This new sportster makes me happier to ride than my 92 did but not as nice as my Dyna.

28th January 2005, 02:26
Had a '72 Sportster, chopped, when I was much younger. Had a blast on that bike, but I'm extremely happy with my '05 Custom.

28th January 2005, 02:41
This is my first Sporty had a '73 Moto Guzzi many Moons ago!!! The Guzzi was a great bike in it's own right!!! :D

29th January 2005, 22:44
I was ridding a 1992 1200 for 8 yrs. Took it to the 95th in Milwaukee from NJ. Wish I had the rubber mount then! Now own a 2005 rubber mount. The smoothness of the bike isn't really that noticeable until you get over 60 mph. The extra power is very noticable at any speed and it doesn't need 5th until over 55. Even though my '92 had pipes and an SS carb, the '05 is still more powerful! I notice that the lean angle is reduced on the '05..???. The bars are too far forward for my liking (will change them this winter) but other than that.... the bike is fantastic!

29th January 2005, 23:21
After roughly 20 yrs of rideing 8 B T's , 2 KZ's a 900 and a 1000 ,a Honda shadow....this 74 xlh is my first Sporty, I feel like I've been missin the point for a long time in some ways...always enjoyed ridin, but missed the XL experience all that time until now, I'll always have a sportster evn if I get another B T or maybe another Sporty....Mike

30th January 2005, 00:35
Bought my '77 in used 1982, then sold it a year later after I joined the Navy. Then it was sold again, and then in November of '03 I had the opportunity to buy it back. I did, and had it referbished that Winter. Wouldn't sell it for nothing now!

The wife now has an '04. Great bike, just different.

31st January 2005, 16:32
I had a 78 XL1200. Great bike - but a bit too vibey for long distances - used to make my ass go numb! Now got a 04 XL1200R and I love it - better handing, better brakes, more power and it revs more freely and I can ride it till eternity. I'd give up a bit of that low end pulse for some long days in the saddle anytime!

31st January 2005, 16:40
I had a 78 XL1200.

I didn't know they made a xl1200 in '78...???

31st January 2005, 16:52
I think he typo'ed

31st January 2005, 16:54
Is "typo" a verb?

31st January 2005, 16:55
only if ya add 'ed

31st January 2005, 17:51
Started with a 97 xl 1200 Custom
Then went to a 96 Dyna Wide Glide
Then went to a 98 Ultra Classic Electra glide
Sold the Glide last Sept
Recently purchased a 2004 xl 1200 Custom
I like the new sportsters

31st January 2005, 18:30
Had a few Kawa's one a 450 the other I think a 750 but can't remember back then (early eighties) brain cells ya know?!? :smoke Switched over to the Hondas and had a 750 then the 1100 Shadow,shaft drive liquid cooled,best damn "bowl a rice" I ever had.Really no shit,nice bike for what it was.Finally last year was able to get my 04 1200 and no looking back,H.D. in the stables from here on out.Would'nt mind getting something bigger for touring but the Sporty stays no matter what. :tour

1st February 2005, 01:37
:smoke My 04 1200 custom was my first road bike. Rode lots of dirt bikes as a teenager growing up in a rural area, but the first motorized two wheeler I owned in 35 years was my new sporty. Got the bug bad, now ride a Fatboy and am working on turning a 1200s into a streetfighter. I need another bike! The addiction is growing and all consuming! I guess you could say I liked the 1200C since it was what drove me over the edge!


1st February 2005, 01:39
:tour Need . . . . . 150 . . . . posts . . . . .ahhhhhh. . . . relief.

(not quite right tonight - must . . . . find . . . . medication. . . .)

1st February 2005, 02:05
This is my first HD. I've had 4 BMWs, 3 Hondas, a Yamaha, Triumph and 1 Suzuki. The Sporty and DL1000 are keepers.

1st February 2005, 02:10
I've ridden HDs since '59. For several years it was FLHs or 74s as we called them then. After a serious wreck in the late 60s, I switched to more agile Sportsters and never looked back.

I did ride a borrowed NSU once for a couple of weeks when my ol' flathead 45 was down.

Anyone remember the NSU (aka Nothing So Useless)?

1st February 2005, 02:11
...had about ten streetbikes all jap and a few dirtbikes before this one..I like the vibes..lets me know it's running and kinda feel like I am at least putting up with some of the character that previous owners had to deal with.

1st February 2005, 02:38
Anyone remember the NSU (aka Nothing So Useless)?

I Remember............
Anyone remember AJS ????? I rode one for 5 years,'63-'68. Great bike for the times.

1st February 2005, 02:40
I Remember............
Anyone remember AJS ????? I rode one for 5 years,'63-'68. Great bike for the times.
OMG yea I do remember the AJS.

1st February 2005, 02:48
Rode a '69 XLH from 1972 to 1980. (see avatar)

1st February 2005, 03:41
85 virago 750 :eek: many moon's ago 75 ironhead first harley presant rider:tour

1st February 2005, 04:19
this is my 2nd..................and lovin every minute of it!!!!!