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5th May 2008, 01:28
Not sure if this goes here, but if not then one of the mods can move it for me.

I saw this story the other day on my local news. Seems and older biker has a disease which limits his ability to be active. So the local bike club took him for a ride. The guy gets a ride in a sidecar on a 1939 Indian. I thought that this was worth sharing.


http://www.whnt.com/global/video/popup/pop_player.asp?ClipID1=2441274&h1=Albertville%20Man%20Gets%20Ride%20of%20His%20Li fe&vt1=v&at1=News&d1=131167&LaunchPageAdTag=News&activePane=info&playerVersion=1&hostPageUrl=http%3A//www.whnt.com/Global/category.asp%3FC%3D63636%26nav%3Dmenu108_1_6&rnd=71692214

5th May 2008, 02:22
Wow thats cool to see some people still care. Thumbs up for the club members!

5th May 2008, 02:25
I'd poke my sister with a sharp stick to get next to an old Indian like that! Beers for the guys that put that together for him!

5th May 2008, 03:16

6th May 2008, 02:14
For those who may have missed this yesterday:bump

Mr Jimi
6th May 2008, 02:21
Great story and video, thanks for sharing