View Full Version : Lsr Movie Coming !

29th January 2006, 17:48
Looks like a high quality movie about motorcycles is finally coming to the
screen in Feb. Stars Anthony Hopkins.


29th January 2006, 18:07
I've seen magazine ads and previews in the theater for this...I get a hug hard on everytime i see it...

http://www.roicat.com.tw/poster/t-z/worldisfastestindian.JPG http://www.indianmotorbikes.com/features/munro/headshot.jpg

29th January 2006, 18:09
I'm looking forward to seeing it. Anthony Hopkins is da man! :banana

It's about time there's something worth going to the movies for, considering all the shit that's been offered.... and winning awards lately :shhhh ;)


29th January 2006, 18:33
Supposed to based on real events, hope Hollywood doesn't screw it up so much that the people involved wouldn't recognize it. Anthony Hopkins is enough of an Icon, he may be able to keep them on track. Looking forward to seeing it. :clap

29th January 2006, 18:49
Looks like a great movie, I'll have to go see it when it comes out. I didn't even know there was another movie about bikes comeing out. So far my favorite bike movie would have to be Harley-Davidson and the Marlboro Man. I love the begining seen when he is flying down the highway. I crank my surround sound and listen to his pipes rip.

21st March 2006, 03:10
i cant belive it when the movie first came out it wasnt in our area so then it shows up in a small independant theater. i went to see it and it was really good so i tell a guy at work that rides a VTX and he tells me its already gone it didnt run two weeks