View Full Version : Sparkies for our FeHeads

29th January 2005, 04:58
I got this info from a spark plug website somewhere. I think all of these are correct:

Champion RL82YC
Splitfire SF412C

I am currently thinking i will go with the NGKs. What do you use?

29th January 2005, 05:02
I've got the splitfires in mine now, actually for several years. Though I probably won't use them again when they need replacing. Other plugs are just as good and cost less.

29th January 2005, 05:17
I've been useing Screamin Eagle II's in my 74 , sure they cost more, but it's not like I'm buyin 8 of 'em at a time. The pair in my bike now I put in back in May, they are still in good shape and run well, hell I rode some today even though it was a whopping 24 deg. out in the sun....old girl started right up...I'll probably keep using them....Mike 74xlh

29th January 2005, 11:37
I use the ngk's in mine
had champions and accell in before neither one lasted.

29th January 2005, 13:10
I run Autolites from Walmart....Champions foul in a block , but the NGKS work well too

29th January 2005, 19:00
Champions have always let me down in cars or bike. My sportster is fitted with accell.


29th January 2005, 23:23
I'm running NGK's also. I have about 10 years worth as before I re-jeted (is that right? It looks funny) my S&S, I fouled a lot of them & just replaced them. Now I can go back & 'blast' them clean & re-use..

30th January 2005, 05:07
I'm ... I re-jeted (is that right? It looks funny) ..

needs two Ts: re-jetted. When i was a kid in school we had to learn the rules for stuff like that. Double up the consonant before adding the "ed".

30th January 2005, 21:28
Hi, one of the most overlooked and best plugs for Iron Head XL is the Autolite plugs. They are cheap, have a wider heat range and last forever. Splitfire, Champion, and Accell all are sub standard in a Iron Head. The factory Harley plugs are made by Champion from what I understand. Good news is that the Autolites are only like $1.50 at Wallyworld!

For Autolite, If you have a 1957/1978 use AU-996
1979/1985 use AU-4123

Hope this helps