View Full Version : Aaron/Dan, strange noise???

9th February 2006, 00:10
I was cruising at about 60 last weekend. Same ride I had oil spraying everywhere from the pushrod base.
After about 150 miles or so i heard a sound like the belt was rubbing on something. I pulled the clutch in and slowed and it continued for about a second until the speed came down. Stopped and had a look and found nothing.
Continued slowly and increased speed back up to 60 where it happened again.
since then I have tried to replicate the problem and i've found nothing.
I posted a thread on it and didn't get many replies although one member said he'd seen it before on a high HP motor. He said the belt broke about 3 weeks later.
Have you guys ever heard anything like this?
Is there something i've missed?


NRHS Sales
9th February 2006, 00:20
Nothing I can think of would cause this. What has me confused is it now has went away. I would just keep an eye on your belt.

9th February 2006, 00:22
Will do. Thanks for the reply.