View Full Version : 2004/2005 Sportster parts.. only used 1 week.

13th November 2004, 22:07
These parts were bought for a 2004 Sportster and only on the bike for 1 trip to Daytona before husband decided to trade bike in for a different model. HD shop wouldn’t give us anything for the items which were only 2 weeks old and bought IN THAT STORE, so we pulled them off to sell.. Making them an awesome opportunity for someone to snag some REALLY discounted parts at our loss. If interested, email @ xanyas@bellsouth.net for more information or digital pics.

TOTAL of HD cost: $1584.44
TOTAL of our price: $1173.00
TOTAL if you buy entire list: $1000.00 THAT IS A SAVINGS OF $584.44

Chrome Speedometer Bracket Kit
Sku: 67293-95
HD Price: US $85.00
Our Price: US $68.00 + FREE Chrome Instrument Gauge Bezel

Chrome Instrument Gauge Bezel
Sku: 74541-00
HD Price: US $9.95
Our Price: FREE with purchase of Speedometer Bracket Kit

Classic Chrome Handlebar Clamp
Sku: 56170-83TA
HD Price: US $15.95
Our Price: US $10.00

Installation Kit For Large Sportster Tank
Sku: 62999-04
HD Price: US $24.99
Our Price: FREE with Purchase of Tank

Large Capacity Color-Matched Fuel Tanks For Sportster Models
Sku: 61195-04BHY
Color: Vivid Black with Medium Silver with Medium Silver Pinstripes and Decal
HD Price: US $488.00
Our Price: US $400.00 + free Installation Kit (worth $24.99)

Large Diameter Gas Cap w/ HD Logo
HD Price: US $45.00
Our Price: US $35.00 ($20.00 with purchase of tank)

Forward Control Kit For Sportster Models
Sku: 33398-04
HD Price: US $349.95
Our Price: US $250.00

Diamond Plate Hand Grips
Sku: 56691-04
HD Price: US $59.95
Our Price: US $40.00

Diamond Plate Shifter Peg
Sku: 33937-03
HD Price: US $14.95
Our Price: FREE with purchase of foot pegs

Diamond Plate Footpegs
Sku: 50506-03
HD Price: US $49.95
Our Price: US $45.00 + FREE Diamond Plate Shifter Peg (a $14.95 value)

2005 Halogen Headlamp - Clear Smooth Lens with Reflector Optics with HD Logo
Sku: 68297-05
HD Price: US $74.00
Our Price: US $60.00

Headlamp Trim Ring
Sku: 69623-99A
HD Price: US $29.95
Our Price: US $25.00

Chrome Headlamp Bracket
Sku: 69709-00
HD Price: US $59.95
Our Price: US $45.00

Chrome Headlamp Housing Kit
Sku: 69620-04
HD Price: US $54.95
Our Price: US $40.00
Buy the entire Headlamp Kit Assembled for only $150 (saving $20 off OUR price and $68.85 off the HD price)

Layback License Plate Mounting Kit
Sku: 59822-00
HD Price: US $39.95
Our Price: US $30.00

Skull Collection For Sportster Models - Derby Cover
Sku: 25440-04
HD Price: US $42.95
Our Price: US $35.00 + FREE Gas cap skull emblem

REACH Solo Seat
Sku: 51538-04
HD Price: US $139.00
Our Price: US $125.00

14th November 2004, 16:11

Sounds Like you should put them on Ebay!!! You might be able to get near what you paid for them!!

14th November 2004, 23:49
Yup, e-bay will turn anything into cash, & there's quite a market for '04 parts.

21st November 2004, 02:42
I sent them an e-mail 4 days ago and haven't gotten a reply. Go figure.

21st November 2004, 02:50
How big a chunk does E-Bay take from your sale?

21st November 2004, 03:25
Hey all.. sorry I haven't posted any replies. I got super busy. We looked into putting the parts on ebay, but it was going to cost us $56 just to post and we are already losing over $400 NOT counting taxes. Yes, I do accept Pay pal and no SORRY prices do NOT include shipping.. We are in Jax, FL though for those of you close enough we would be willing to meet up to get the stuff to you if anyone is interested. Take care and ride safe.

21st November 2004, 04:06
Here's a place ya might want to check out. http://sandiego.craigslist.org/about/cities.html
Sounds like e-bay is a bit pricey

21st November 2004, 04:39
Thanks for the info on the craig list.. I just posted to it. Maybe I can get this stuff sold so I can buy some new stuff for MY bike. :)

21st November 2004, 05:29
Your welcome! Daughter uses it all the time, say it works great for her.

21st November 2004, 15:27
They got back to me and I will be getting a couple of things. I post back when they arrive.

26th November 2004, 17:45
Got my stuff today. Like new. Thanks

26th November 2004, 17:50
Was this from ebay Barry?

26th November 2004, 18:12
No, direct from them. Took a step of trust and got the parts no problem.

27th November 2004, 02:23

We want to see pics after you get your goodies installed!!!! :D

27th November 2004, 03:19
Ok, got the headlight bucket and the chrome trim ring. Didn't need much else. The forwards would have been nice but i just got the passing lights.

28th November 2004, 03:03
;) I still have those forwards!! Sure you don't want em?? LOL

2nd December 2004, 00:45
Hey Xanyas,
Do you still have those forward controls for sale? How much?

2nd December 2004, 21:37
Yes we still have them. At a $100 savings you can't beat it.

Forward Control Kit For Sportster Models
Sku: 33398-04
HD Price: US $349.95
Our Price: US $250.00

2nd December 2004, 22:48
Hey xanyas, I might be interested in the gas tank. Do you have picture's?

3rd December 2004, 02:56
C:\Documents and Settings\Kerry Young\My Documents\My Pictures\Parts for sale\Pb201232.jpg

If this pic doesn't work, let me know and I will be more than happy to email them to you. I am not the greatest photographer. The tank as you can see is really shiny.. the reflection from the packing material shows up well. I also have a few other shots of it on the bike.