View Full Version : Bike parking area

Max Throttle
31st January 2005, 01:02
getting some new flooring to park on

31st January 2005, 01:31
Nice! Sure beats the carpet I'm parked on now, jsut gives my wife a reason to get new carpet this summer :D

31st January 2005, 01:37
Max that's cool! Nothing like a clean orderly garage.

I can't use those type of stick-on tiles on my garage floor tho...so I'm thinking of getting those snap-together tiles from Home-Dept.

I'll probably paint them black and white and lay them down in a checkerboard pattern too.

Will you do the whole floor or just the center?

Moved On
31st January 2005, 01:54
That looks pretty nice!!! I've been thinking lately about upgrading from my 100 year old wooden plank floor to cement, but now you got my imagination in overdrive!


31st January 2005, 01:57
home is where I park the harley ;)

Max Throttle
31st January 2005, 10:23
started in the middle and gonna work my way out to the walls then get the bench and stuff moved back in

31st January 2005, 11:16
I like it! It looks vintage, like the 50's! You could pick up an old jukebox for a mere $2,500. Give us a glimpse of the finished project.

31st January 2005, 11:48
Nice!!! I Like it!! :D

Max Throttle
1st February 2005, 11:23
slowly making my way through with the tile job

gotta find a place to put my shelving and stored crap so it's not in this area

the wall with the poster was bare drywall so i painted it to help with a cleaner looking area, not sure about painting the block walls yet

wanna keep the toolbox and a bench, maybe some stands for the grinder and drill, couple stools and the bike

but it's coming along.....

1st February 2005, 13:19
Paint the block walls white. It makes for a much brighter workspace. I see your workbench is up against the gray block walls.
Looks great!

Max Throttle
2nd February 2005, 11:04
thinking i should use some block sealer, the dirt outside comes up to the bottom of the window

Max Throttle
3rd February 2005, 10:02
flooring is done area is cleaned out, gotta do the sealer on the block walls then i can paint them

done for now though