View Full Version : Rear brake issues

31st January 2005, 11:57
Yesterday I installed a set of Brembo calpiers on my '04 1200C. After bleeding the front calpier it works fine. But, after bleeding the back one, time and time again, I get nothing.

I checked all my connections and there are no leaks. I tried the traditional way of bleeding and also used a vacuum pump bleeeding system.

During the bleeding process, when I push down on the rear brake lever, fluid does come out of the calpier into the plastic tubing, and then goes back in when I release the brake lever, which tells me the master cylinder is pushing the fluid into the caliper.

Does anyone have any suggestions on something I could do or check?I am at my wits end!!! :(

31st January 2005, 14:01
Bleeding the rear brake can be a real pain. I just remembered how I finally did mine. When you think it's bled enough, close everything off and pump the shit out of the pedal until it comes up. Long full strokes aren't really necessary. Quick short strokes works best. That orfice is exceptionally small and takes time to pump up. Let me know!