View Full Version : Slight leak from primary cover where it meets the engine

Lone Wolf in Canada
29th May 2008, 03:49
My 05 has 35,000 kms on it and has a slight transmission fluid leak where the chrome primary cover meets the gearcase. It drips about 2 drops per day, from the edge of the primary where it joins the gearcase, about 1" forward of the chain adjusting bolt.
I didn't think it was a big deal, but took it in as I figured it was a bad gasket.
My mechanic replaced the primary gasket and the shifter seal. He said "well the gasket wasn't torn, Sportsters don't leak usually". I didn't run it for 4 days as its been too cold/wet. I went out after 4 days and there were about 6 drops of oil from the same spot again.
This is apparently a good mechanic, but he says he can't figure it out as Sportsters don't usually leak. He's suggesting its coming from a bolt hole, or, the transmission (split case) is leaking and that can be expensive to tear down the motor. Or pourous metal! Like a glass of water sweating in the summer. He says the last 2 are rare.
I left it with him again for 3 days and he never had time to look at it! He wanted me to leave it for another week.I was so mad I rode off and didn't leave it with them. I think he's more concerned about the big twins then a Sporty.
I paid $163.00 for the (repair) that never got repaired. I will go back and speak with his partner in the office.
Has anyone else had this very slight leak from the primary cover area I'm speaking about?

29th May 2008, 04:06
How about a pic of the trouble area?

Someone here will chime in.