View Full Version : what size tires?

25th February 2006, 01:27
i have a 2002 1200 custom sporty and im gettin new tires this weekend. im gettin avon venoms i know that much, but what exact size do i need in the front and the rear? my bike is in storage right now and i dont have the time to actually go check so i was wondering if someone could help me out on here? should i get with a 140 on the back, or just stick with the 130 stock size? thanks for any input.

26th February 2006, 10:09
Better check the width measurement .......
I tried to put a 140 Dunlop on my 98' sporty and it got into the belt!
Sure could be expensive and tiring with all that walkin from a busted belt!

26th February 2006, 12:17
The dealer told me a 140 would go on my 2001,but I would not really notice any difference in size,and of course that was a Dunlop tire size too!Good Luck.