View Full Version : 74 Ironhead with Paughco Rigid frame, my project!

28th February 2006, 05:58
I picked this bike up in the snow last Saturday, sittin outside major neglected, half ass threw the tanks on and the lepera seat and shot some pics, after the pics I have cleaned it up, bought a battery, ran the electrics, installed the headlight, and mounted the fatbobs and put on some new fuel lines. I am having major starter issues, I've postedin the other sections, but I have included some pics! My dad built and rode harley's but was killed by a drunk driver while riding. So I want to build this ironhead in memory of him and ride the xxx out of it. Thanks for a great forum! It won't let me post pics of the bike for some reason, please help with that, I put them on my site, but it says i need 15 posts, can i upload the images some other way??

28th February 2006, 13:18
Pics please!

28th February 2006, 16:53
You've got 6 posts already. Keep posting and put up the pix as soon as you can. Sorry to hear about your Father.

28th February 2006, 19:06
to take off the primary and get some shots 2nite. I fear what I'm going to find.

28th February 2006, 23:02
This is before the cleanup, I'm going to get new shots after I get her up and running. She's got a paughco rigid frame fat bob tanks, lepara seat, mini apes, I'm wantin to put a 21" on the front and chrome out some of the drivetrain, flat black the bike and ride the piss out of it. Comments are welcome and appreciated either positive or negative, I need all the help I can get brothers!





1st March 2006, 00:12
Nice looking project you got there.

1st March 2006, 01:00
I think thats one nice bike you have there!! I hope that you really enjoy it alot!! :tour :tour :tour :tour

1st March 2006, 01:15
Looks like It's Going to be a Kick-Ass Scoot!!!!:clap :clap :clap :clap