View Full Version : XLCR conversion kit

10th March 2006, 06:21
Just saw this on another site, pretty cool looking.

10th March 2006, 06:39
I like the exhaust and rear sets...kinda lukewarm about everything else...good find though...

t.c. Johnson
10th March 2006, 06:47
I want it...I wannnnt it ....I wannnnnt it....

Sportster Girl
10th March 2006, 07:10
Me likey!

thanks for the link. Another one to add to the bookmarks! :tour

10th March 2006, 07:28

they also make cool Triumph parts


10th March 2006, 07:30
Yeah I like the Mecatwin stuff

I wanted an XLCR efore I bought the sporty and was lookin at an 883 and changin bodywork and motor internals ... and the '98 1200S came out , so I bought it.. :D

10th March 2006, 07:30
I love the XLCR look.

10th March 2006, 11:50
i like it,. every bit as good as the original

10th March 2006, 14:56
I don't know...looks a little goofy to me. I think it would sweet with an 18" rear wheel and a smaller front facia - the blacked out look with that tail section is menacing looking.

Now that Triumph that edman posted - DAMN! I HAVE to have that bike! Too bad even if you click on "english" for that site it still comes up in French...goddamned French...

13th March 2006, 20:50
thats a nice ride....i really like the rotors and front facia. fit's me all the way

23rd April 2006, 04:53
I think Harley would have sucess if they were to reproduce a newer version of what the XLCR use to be with a Buell power plant and cafe styling but the can't see past cruisers accept for the Street Rod. They leave everything up to Eric Buell to be sporty in naked street bikes.

25th April 2006, 01:18
This cafe stuff is really starting to get me thinkin...I am really likin that look.

25th April 2006, 15:47
I kinda like that. I'm not into the cafe look all that much, but when it's done that well you have to appreciate it.