View Full Version : Dear Harley, Support the Chopper Market

14th June 2008, 20:26
Support the chopper and parts aftermarket....it's where you get most of your ideas these days so stop trying to kill it.

15th June 2008, 06:56
They know they cant kill it... they tried in the 40's... the 1% phrase was coined... bad boy images have sold more bikes than the crappy boat tail and the ugly ass Cross dresser/Bones ever will... they do not ever WANT to kill it... its all free R&D for the MOCO.... Harley is a company with no fresh ideas of its own... the ugly as sin, too late in the market, piece of crap Rocker is a testament to that... hell even the Tuetles know that crap is over... Loud mouth no imagination Senior came out with the Green Weenie and Willie comes out with the Cross Dresser.... Whats really sad is that guys are paying more for a "Custom Dark" bike than for the chrome crap.... buy a base model or even better yet... a used bike... go to the after market/swap meets... who still makes deals on parts and build your own... A big hunk of plastic under a spring seat on a softail bike with a fender big enough to take a bath in.... is no one but an idiots idea of a COOL bike...