View Full Version : carroll county bikefest

14th June 2008, 22:57

anyone going? ever been?

15th June 2008, 01:43
I went, it SUCKED!!!!!!!! Maybee there were 25 bikes at most. Only 3 really worth seeing. Maybee 2 more. It was also empty people wise. Maybee 15 people walking around. Its open on Sunday to but if this is the only time you all ever listen to me, this is the time to listen!!! Hope no one else got ripped off! Hey I can look at the bright side, beers were only 3 bucks!:smoke

15th June 2008, 02:56
damn! are we ever gonna get a happening bike scene around here?! gbg. bike week will be decent (i suppose) but i thought carlisle sucked big time last year. guess i gotta start venturing even further south for the good events. :(