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4th February 2005, 15:17
Is their anyone out there that could help me. I have a 71' Ironhead but in that year Harley built the 900cc and 1000cc, It has a kick and electric start. What I need to know is, How do you tell the difference between the two motors. Any info would be appreciated.

4th February 2005, 15:21
Isn't it stamped on the motor somewhere?

4th February 2005, 15:43
according to the XL LIST (http://www.sportster.org/history/) and any info I've been able to find , 71 was 900 only 72 was the first 1000

there might have been some 1000's sold in 71 but they would have been 72 models by title (harley was known to relese model years early)

this page might help you decode your engine numbers (http://www.sportster.org/tech/VIN.txt)

4th February 2005, 17:46
I know the early 900 rockerboxes are not notched like the 1000.

900 ...

1000 ...

There could have very well been notched 900's during the transition???

5th February 2005, 05:43
i thout that pre-72 sportster are 883 hence 3.0x3.13/16 stroke = 883cc

just as 86 and up are evo 883cc. are we rounding up or somthing? :frownthre

5th February 2005, 13:14
Yes, the pre-1000 Ironheads were actually 883cc's, but they were referred to as 900's. All the advertising materials were printed boasting 900cc's. Not unusual, companies do it all the time. The Ironhead 1000 is actually 996cc (or 997cc, I forget which). The Honda Shadow 750 is actually 745cc. The Kawasaki 1600 Vulcan is only 1552cc. Nothing new.

6th February 2005, 06:13
thanks for the info alleydude!!! :smoke

6th February 2005, 14:26
1000 = 997.5