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4th February 2005, 20:49
I thought I would pass on something I learned yesterday. I have been looking for some custom gas tank selection for the new generation Sporters, so far without finding any. So yesterday while visiting the local HD shop I happened to see a sales rep from Custom Chrome who was visiting the shop.
He had just returned from some sort of vendor convention for after market parts. I asked him if he saw any custom tanks when there, or where I might find some.

His answer was no, not yet and maybe another year or so. He figured the reason was that there are just not enough new generation Sporters in the field yet to make for enough demand. From my point of view I wonder, because by the end of the 05 production run there will have been about 115,000 new Sporters produced. But then I have no guess on what % of new buyers will want to dump their stock tank.

Anyway, that was all I could learn. :tour

4th February 2005, 22:39
It's expensive to gear up to produce a new product. Certainly there will be a call for it, but after ump-teen years of bikes that can use the pre-'03 tanks, the demand is high to continue on with business as usual. THey'll start making them, no doubt. I just think they are gonna wait until the demand is higher. I'm sure there has been some serious market research in this area, and they know what they are doing.

5th February 2005, 00:11
I've seen some Factory and aftermarket stuff starting to trickle out for the new Sporties. Gas tanks won't be long off.

5th February 2005, 00:45
at wbo racing in germany, they already build gastanks for actual sportys. they are completely made from alloy, look great, but they are really not too cheap...