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16th June 2008, 20:59
My wife and I went to a strip club with another couple. It was the first time for either of the women. Aurora Snow was the featured dancer. Our wives weren't sure what to expect, but I can tell you it definitely got them hot. My wife got caught exchanging some serious fook me eyes with one stripper as she gave a dollar. We tried to get her to go in the back room with her but she wouldn't. If the other couple wasn't a long I think she might have. The look they exchanged will forever be burned in my mind. It was hot.

Anyone else take their wife or girlfriend to a strip club?

Mr Jimi
16th June 2008, 21:06
My friend, you must have nitrogen-narcosis or something :shhhh, have her do it for you at home with some Victoria's Secrets items or less


16th June 2008, 21:16
I took my wife to a strip club once. Had a lot of fun. Drank for free by playing pool, pissed off a stripper, and the wife found out that most strippers are pretty cool.

16th June 2008, 22:47
Lucky bastid!

I even think about a strip club around her...:wifemad:wifemad:wifemad:wifemad:wifemad

16th June 2008, 22:59
Use to take a girlfriend on a regular basis. Oh wait - she was :banadanc there...

I did take my ex wife once and she did enjoy it. Some of the best lovin that night.

A freind of mine use to take his wife. She decided she wanted to start dancing. Hmmm, the marriage didn't last to long afterwards...


16th June 2008, 23:10
Good on your wives for going!
My ex gf and I used to go. The bouncers got pissed
and one time threatened to throw us out of the club.
Why? Because the dancers kept coming over to our
table one by one. They were thanking us for coming
as they said it wasn't often that women came to the
shows. I think the bouncers were pissed because the
ladies were so focused on us they forgot about the
guys that were there. :D

17th June 2008, 02:48
Been to a few strip clubs with my girl. And most of them have other couples there most nights and don't mind the "competition". LOL.

My girl LOVES getting a private dance and then showing me the picture she always buys. They sure let the girls get away with sutff that would get us guys bounced!!!

By the way Scuba, has your wife seen any of Aurora's "work"? DAAAAYUMN!!

17th June 2008, 04:48
my gf took me to my first strip club.. it was really fun.... she new some strippers their...

then theirs a local one here. that was fun. the stripper was real fun with me.... somthing about nipples falling in mouths and being no ones fault...... she had great nipples and that ... never mind...

17th June 2008, 04:57
If I ever saw Aurora dance I'd embarrass myself........

t.c. Johnson
17th June 2008, 13:16
Some friends and I on a business trip took an ex-nun with us to a strip club.

She ended up leaving with the main dancer's phone number.

I think she added a lot to the evening.

She definitely eased our way through customs.

22nd June 2008, 02:06
Strip clubs are a blast! Been many times and will go many more. I just don't get the women who freak out if their men go - come on, for the most part, those girls are up there to make money - not steal your husband. Yeah, it happens sometime, but hey, it also happens at work, at the bank, at the grocery store...you get the picture.

I've gone with the hubby and have also gone with a couple of female friends(no men in our group). I always have fun, no matter who I go with, but I'll admit that when you go with the girls - you usually don't have to pay for your drinks all night long!!

22nd June 2008, 02:48
I - being in the military - Take every opportunity to frequent a strip club with whomever is the girl of choice for the night. None of my relationships last long, but when you bring to a strip club you really get the blood working!

And I've been to many strip clubs in the great USA, but I can tell you none of them come close to any club I've seen in Canada. BLESS THOSE MAPLE LOVING HONEYS SOULS! lol

22nd June 2008, 03:20
Ah, the Canadian Ballet! Good friends took us across to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls to the Sundowner. Me, being totally unaware of the Canadian monitary system got ticked off because guys were only tipping the girls 50 cent pieces -- once I found out the 50 cent pieces were really two dollar coins, I relaxed and enjoyed the show!!