View Full Version : 1987 xl 1100 electrical problems

steve termine
23rd March 2006, 01:11
I recently bought an 87 1100 from a buddy rode it 2 days and the battery was dead charged it up 2 more days and dead again bought new battery same thing why isnt it charging and will switching from stock pipes to straight drag pipes cause exsessive fuel build up in carb and make bike puke

23rd March 2006, 01:15
sounds like a bad voltage regulator or generator. And you will have to re jet your carb if you put drag pipes on

23rd March 2006, 01:25
that happened to me when i first got my 74 my problem was that the positive cable had rubbed against the oil tank chaffin the insulation off a small portion of the wire......then it was a intermitent short that would drain the batt........ thats what mine was hope it helps

23rd March 2006, 01:27
I had that problem on my 86 and it wasn't good news for me. The insulation on the wires from the stator wore off and shorted it out. Had to replace it. But get a volt meter first and start testing charge the battery test it with the engine off you should get over 12V start it an rev it it should be over 13V. If you dont get 13 Volts at the battery unplug the stator plug at the bottom start it up and if you get nothing break out the wrenches. good luck

23rd March 2006, 04:36
I think you are going to need a manual. Factory manual, Clymer or Haynes. And a multimeter. The manuals all outline in detail how to troubleshoot the charging system. You need to do it methodically, one component at a time, in the correct sequence. Otherwise you will be having a lot of frustration.

A "poor man's" load test of the battery goes like this. Fully charge; then attach voltmeter; then run the starter. If it falls below 10 volts during 10 seconds of cranking [no more!] the battery is no good.

Check battery cables, and cables to the solonoid and starter. Disconnect each and clean the connectors with a wire brush. Do a voltage drop test for each cable. The voltage should be the same [almost] at each end of the cable unless there are broken wires in the cable.

There are tests for the regulator and for the stator that you can do. [You do not have a generator].

23rd March 2006, 05:22
Check the ground of the regulator too.
It's ground through the case and frame.
Paint and rust will play havoc with it.