View Full Version : The ole ironhead ran great yesterday

Max Throttle
6th February 2005, 16:57
i took the bike for an all day mountain cruise :smoke

we had 3 bikes in the group

my 80 ironhead

79 kickstart shovelhead

80 honda CB750

we went miles and miles through the smoky mountains stopping at different waterfalls and swimming holes

ran some highways and winding back country roads and some one lane roads and bridges

i had done a new carb and primary chain and various other things to it lately and she started and ran flawlessly all day, i cant say that for the old shovel but it got him through the day and home with some effort

man what beautifull country side in those mountains, even saw some 100 year old abandoned farm houses, pretty damn cool day of riding


6th February 2005, 19:13
Probably be April before i am out there with mine ...

6th February 2005, 19:16
Sounds GREAT MT.

I was able to put a few miles on yesterday too.

Come on SPRING!