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27th March 2006, 23:22
Hey guys, have a new 06 883, love it but the brakes suck!
Have been tossing up between the Traktek Wilwood caliper and lines or the HD twin disc kit, cost is quite similar.

Having read a few of the long discussions, I notice a few people say the twin kit alters the handling due to the extra weight.

Is it bad? particularly noticeable?

27th March 2006, 23:48
Mr. Mow,

Not sure you should expect an unbiased opionion from me(!) but...

The Wilwood conversion will shave about 1 lb of unsprung weight from your existing set-up at the front wheel. That's significant, and saving unsprung weight is always a worthwhile goal, dollar-for-dollar.

The HD dual disc conversion will add perhaps 7 lbs of weight to your existing front wheel. (figure 4 for the rotor, and 2+ for the caliper, then there's the hose, fluid, hardware, etc.) The net difference between a single Wilwood-equipped front wheel and a dual OEM-braked one is about 8 lbs. That is alot, by pretty much any sensible measure. And I would suggest the single Wilwood will brake a bit better than the dual OEM system.

The 8 lb weight difference either way will have a direct impact on handling. Whether that's important could be seen as a subjective consideration. There are guys with heavy solid cast front wheels who are pleased with the handling of their bikes, and others who will pay a handsome sum to shave a few ounces.

Your call!

27th March 2006, 23:52
Just my opinion, but the best bang for the buck is dual brakes on the front.

My front dual brakes came stock, but I did replace the rotors with EBC full-floating rotors from Trak-Tek.



28th March 2006, 00:13
Cheers Chris, really appreciate your time and input!
Turbota.. Your bike looks kick ass, nice and subtle, subdued. Mine is black, I'm going down a monochrome path too, less bling! By the way, whats that exhaust? Looks great.. Is it loud?

28th March 2006, 00:14
that scoot looks prettier everday, Turbota... :)

28th March 2006, 00:16
I like dual discs for the look...the front end looks more balenced that way.

However, if I didn't have dual discs from the factory, I'd just run an oversized rotor with a 4 or 6-piston caliper and shave the weight.

28th March 2006, 00:30
I started by swapping my single caliper for a Wilwood caliper. It worked better, but I ended up adding a second Wilwood caliper set-up on the right side. Two Wilwoods work real well. The extra stopping power justified the added unsprung weight IMO. The conversion wasn't cheap, though.

28th March 2006, 00:51
Mr. Mow

I'd have to agree with Chris from TrakTek on this one. I'd go with the progressive route on your brakes. IMHO, the stock HD calipers are junk, at least on the 1200's, in that they're two-piston. I'd suggest putting on a s/s brake line, replace the stock HD caliper with a 4-piston one, like Wilwood, and doing a good bleed job with new fluid. What hasn't been mentioned yet is that if you go to dual calipers, you'll probably have to upgrade your master cylinder as well. Also, if you went from a stock 2-piston caliper to a 6-piston caliper (a la Buell), you might have to upgrade the mc too.

I had a lengthy conversation with the folks at Galfer when I delinked the brakes on a '98 Guzzi I used to have. The bike already had dual Brembo brakes, but I put on Galfer rotors and s/s lines. I asked them about upgrading to Nissin or Tokico 6-piston calipers, and they said the Brembos were plenty good, and I might have mc issues with 6-piston calipers.

Here's a link to the setup I have on my 1200R:


It's got the HD Thunderstar wheel, Thunderstar rotors, Wilwood 4-piston calipers, and HD s/s lines. It stops pretty well, but no where near as good as the dual Brembo setup I had on my '93 Ducati Superlight, which I also upgraded to a Suzuki GSX-R1100 master cylinder. That thing would stop on a dime and give you change, lol!

I wouldn't imagine you'd "need" dual 4-piston brakes on an 883, maybe just to keep the looks in "balance" as someone has already mentioned. But I'd go with the s/s line and 4-piston caliper for now. If that's not enough, you could always do that to the other side...

28th March 2006, 01:16
Mow .... The pipes are pretty loud. There made by RB Racing