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29th March 2006, 16:37
I was wondering if you guys could provide an entire XL/Buell Engine?

I am thinging of building a chopper from a Redneck engineering frame and debating whether to just buy the engine/part etc. Or get a donor bike?

What do you guys think? Would it be better to get a donor bike and send you the engine to get done or get a complete engine from you?

The reason I ask is I am not planning to get much else out of the donor than the engine. I am thinking about new forks, wheels, etc. anyway.

What would an entire engine cost me?



29th March 2006, 16:45
Not to steal NRHS's thread and I have no idea if they have a complete engine trans set up to sell, but if I were in your position, I would be looking for a wrecked Buell XB12 as my engine donor. ;)

NRHS Sales
29th March 2006, 16:48
We can build you an entire engine and we even have a complete X1 engine to start with but the problem is it doesn't have a title so it would be difficult to register. This is why most people start with donor bikes.

29th March 2006, 16:56
I think you'll save a bunch of money overall if you buy a donor bike. You need other things besides the engine, for example the forks & wheels & brakes. You can pick up the bikes fairly cheap. I recently bought a 2001 X1 for $2500 for example.

HD won't even sell a motor without a valid VIN, and you have to send in your old cases (or at least the part with the VIN), and last time we bought one it was over $4K our cost.

Give us a call when you're ready to think about it and we'll talk about the build-up and what we can do for you. We do a few complete motors, but we do far more partials for people, i.e. just the lower ends which take a lot of special tools and know-how. You save a pile of money going that way. It's also a lot cheaper and simpler to ship.

29th March 2006, 17:02
How much would something like this cost?

29th March 2006, 17:42
Well, that depends ...

The minimum we typically do is:

- new sprocket shaft races (special tool required to install)
- new sprocket shaft bearings (special tool required to install)
- new final drive bearing (special tool required to install)
- new pinion shaft bearing (two very precise measurements required to select new bearing)
- set flywheel end play (measure with dial indicator and select correct shim)
- new sprocket shaft seal (special tool required to install)

So all that's a few hours work, plus parts.

On top of that, though, we often do:
- new crankpin & rod bearings
- resizing or replacement of rods (lapping machine needed for resizing)
- rebalancing (lots of special tools)
- truing & final assembly of flywheel (truing stand required)
- installation of crank scraper & windage tray (1 hour plus parts)
- clearancing of cam box for big cams
- conversion of tappet pins to screw-in style (needed on 91-99 cases)
- boring of cases for 88" cylinders ($275 ... includes resleeving oil drains on 04-up motors)

So depending on which of these you want or need, you can add quite a bit to the price tag.

The short answer is there's a big range of what it might cost.

20th April 2006, 04:32
The short answer is there's a big range of what it might cost.

i'm curious as well...

what if i shipped you my engine and sent along around $5,000 for parts and labor...what would that get me? :D

NRHS Sales
20th April 2006, 16:04
That would probably get you one badazz 88 cubic inch Monster capable of shredding a new set of tires in 5 minutes or pulling wheelies at will:sporty: