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20th November 2004, 02:50
I've been tryin to get my wife to be excited about the bike since before I got it. She just didn't want to go ridin. Until... just installed a sissy bar. Now she's buggin me to go anywhere on the bike. This is great. What other mods do you think will get her more excited?

It's startin to get real cold. My knees get locked up in the cold when we go for a putt and I have a hard time getting off the bike when we get home. Sucks gettin old.

Quick question: Anyone name their ride? I'm tryin to come up with something but nothing seems to fit perfectly.

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20th November 2004, 02:58
http://www.viberider.com/ :smiliesig


20th November 2004, 03:07
gary , I'd never feel that thing on my ironhead

You´re never alone when I´m around
You can always rely on me,
I´m a friend, my love won´t bend,
And that I can guarantee,
Straight and true and all for you,
I´m so eager to please,
Stick with me and I´ll keep you free,
From any nasty disease,
´Cos I´m a Vibrator,
Pleased to make a start,
Vibrator, with a powerpack for a heart

20th November 2004, 03:15
Get her (it's really for you) a better seat - the stock seat sucks, especially in the back.

She might like some nicer footpegs, too.

Leather stuff? Coat, boots, gloves...

20th November 2004, 03:40
Quick question: Anyone name their ride? I'm tryin to come up with something but nothing seems to fit perfectly.

Call it, ahhhhhhhhh, let me see, ahhhhhhh, hey, hows about "Sporty"?
Did I see Charley Manson on this forum?

20th November 2004, 04:09
mods for her pleasure??????

I used ta stick half a squash ball in a strategic place on the passenger seat.......the girlies liked it...hit the spot they reckoned :shhhh :D

20th November 2004, 04:33
If necessary, spend a few extra dollars to make her comfortable. Don't ride her in the cold or rain, and don't take long trips until she says she is ready. I've owned a number of bikes over the years and my wife will not ride. As a small child, she grew up on the back of her dads 58 Duoglide. It was his only mode of transportation. My wife claims she got cold and wet and didn't feel safe. The cross country trips he took her on were too long. She respects my liking to ride, and I respect her reason for staying home.

20th November 2004, 13:03
My Wife has always been fairly timid when it came to motorized sports so I did not even suggest she get on the bike until I installed a sissy bar. When I bought the bike I was hoping she would enjoy it, but I figured no way. Boy was I wrong she really likes going riding. Went for an hour ride with me last week when it was only 50 degrees with no complaints. I am sure glad she likes to ride, nothing worse than having a whining sound coming from the back of the bike.

20th November 2004, 13:25
A bike of her own?

20th November 2004, 13:32

20th November 2004, 13:38
Lets us not forget the windscreen ;)

20th November 2004, 14:39
:lolsign I like Stevos idea.....i tell you why, a girl told me ,my sportster dosnt vibrate as much as the bt i had before, Its true! :clap

22nd November 2004, 14:38
Quick question: Anyone name their ride? I'm tryin to come up with something but nothing seems to fit perfectly.

Excitanator (wife's excited about it)
Sheli or Shelit (pronounced Shelley or Shell-it; she likes it)
Sassy (for the sissy bar and excited wife)
Hmmmm, need a color of the bike for more!!

22nd November 2004, 14:47
Comfy seat. A nice touring saddle for the days she goes with you will work wonders for her attitude as well. Skip all the vibrators and stuff because you already are driving the worlds largest vibe. Comfort and safety are probably more important to her then anything else. Good clothes might improve thangs too.

22nd November 2004, 15:32
My girlfreind was the same way - had no intrest in the thing other than the fact she thought it looked pretty. Things started to change once she started to get things - like her jacket. She loves the damn jacket (I guess I do too - a chick in a nice leather motorcycle jacket hits a certain nerve, you know?)

Anyways, she was scared shitless to ride - to the point of tears while we were getting all situated in her driveway. Needless to say I made her get on anyways. After that first ride she was hooked. All she wants now is a better seat for any rides longer than a hour.

22nd November 2004, 15:38
Quick question: Anyone name their ride? I'm tryin to come up with something but nothing seems to fit perfectly.

Mine is: "the bike"

It seems to fit.

22nd November 2004, 15:49
My wife won't ride. She likes the safety of 4 wheels on the road and an enclosed compartment. When young she was in a severe accident in a car; she just figures it would have been worse with a bike. She has no problem with me riding so long as the insurance is paid up.

22nd November 2004, 17:11
http://www.viberider.com/ :smiliesig

Is that a construction from your company?

22nd November 2004, 17:12
My Sporty is named The Silver Arrow

22nd November 2004, 18:12
Bike name: Every sportster I've had has named itself but one...the damn thing just didn't fit with a name so I called her the "machine"...this one ('04 Roadster) is Louise....Once I get used to the new bike (used or new), and I'm rollin, I ask what she wants to be called...somehow there's always an answer
Wife ridin': Although it's pretty nice to have a partner on the back with soft body parts up against you for some rides, most of the time, it's just nice to ride solo....My wife "let" me get the new 1200 and told me to never force her to ride ...I don't see the problem with ridin' solo a a sportster...if you want her to "get used to wanting to ride", another person already gave you the best advice: only when it's a great day (minimize cold and no rain) on roads that are meant for ridin' and never, ever give her any ___ about screwin up when she's on...also, reach back and give her a pat every once in a while...Sok

23rd November 2004, 01:30
xl1200r your sooooo right......to get her to ride, she gotta look good! :laugh