View Full Version : Watch for Rubber Neckers in the Rear View Mirror

Moved On
10th February 2005, 01:21
A friend just sent me this link (http://www.tsba.org/UBB/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=3;t=006199)...
Carefull it'll make you sick!!!


10th February 2005, 01:26
Holy crap. My heart skipped a beat.

10th February 2005, 01:32
I'm speechless.

10th February 2005, 01:35
that hurts!

Shark Doctor
10th February 2005, 01:36
Gonna leave a mark...

10th February 2005, 03:35
I've seen similar crap take place on highways around here........no bikes getting hit, but plenty of other vehicles crashing. Every accident seems to produce one or two more on both sides of the road. Bad enough their idiots when there is no problem, but let something take place, from an accident, to a traffic stop, to a new sign going up, and these folks swallow their stupid pill and have got to gawk at it. :frownthre

10th February 2005, 03:44
That was not good, Gary! It sure does make you think! I was going to take a ride today, but mayby I'll wait til tomorrow!

10th February 2005, 08:09
It looks lke he flew off to the right so hopefully he survived. Scary what some cagers do.