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15th April 2006, 19:42
Got my 160 rear and the 110 front installed. The rear is fine, no problems other than the usual crap trying to get all the spacers lined up. Glad the wife was there to help me.:D

Front installed fine, but it is pretty close to the fender. Took it for a ride and nothing is rubbing so far. We'll see after a few twisty roads if the tire flexes enough to hit.

Here are some pics





Thanks to all who answered my tire questions in the previous threads, once again the forum has helped guide me to a successful mod.

:xlrocks :xlrocks :xlrocks :xlrocks :xlrocks

15th April 2006, 19:50
Your bike looks great, man that front tire sure is close!

15th April 2006, 20:30
That looks great! Good work.

15th April 2006, 20:41
the 110 is wider??
what is the stock tires?
di you need new rims too?

15th April 2006, 20:49
What brand and model tires are they?

15th April 2006, 21:17
Great lookin' ride! Very nice setup!

15th April 2006, 21:33
Looks good,Man!!
The front tire makes a bigger visual imact than the rear......though those nipples on the sidewall are not long for this world!!
Loose the front fender entirely,I`d say.

16th April 2006, 00:15
My front tire is tighter than that and I have had no problem with rubbing.
Looks awsome!!!

16th April 2006, 00:17
Looks good! When I need tires, I plan on doing the same thing.

16th April 2006, 01:11
give us a shot from the rear....interested in seeing the 160.

what make of tires??

16th April 2006, 01:30
Looks sweet.
Those are Metzeler 880's.

16th April 2006, 01:31
Thanks everyone for the feedback. Sorry I didn't post replies sooner, I've been out trying to make the front rub with no success so far:smoke

merc, the 110 is 10 millimeters wider than stock supposedly. The stock tire was a 100\90 and the new one is 110\90 so it is a little wider and taller than the stock front tire. The rear tire was 150\80 stock and the new one is 160\80 so it is a little wider and taller also. The rims are stock and the Metzler guide said these tires are O.K. for the stock rim width.

Jeffytune, they are Metzler ME880 Marathons

dooley, the bike did look very good without the fender on, but I don't feel like riding through a rooster tail if it rains on the way to work.

MOREHP, thanks for the info, I've been out trying to make it rub with no success so it looks like it will be fine so far.

Preacher, if you don't do much riding in the rain I think your bike would look bitchin with that size tire and no fender:smoke :smoke

I really like the way the front tire fills up the gap that used to be there between the fender and tire. The rear 160 is about as far as I would go, before I put it on I was really wondering if it was going to fit, but it went in without much trouble.

My K100RS that I rode for 10 years had a single sided swingarm and all you had to do to remove the rear tire was take off 4 lugnuts and pull it off, took about 5 minutes to change the rear tire. It's a lot bigger job on the Sportster, I guess I've been spoiled for too long.

All in all it was a pretty easy job and it will be even easier next time as it will be ground I have covered before. Thanks for all the input from everyone on picking out my tire sizes and I hope this helps anyone considering upsizing their tires.

16th April 2006, 15:37
Bike's looking real good, CJ. By the way, had a look at your gallery to see if you had any better pics of your bike, & MAN, have you got a thing for that gnome or what??! :laugh Pics of you bike on there are way too small to make out anything though.. Each to their own.

Those pipes & the headlight cover go very well together. Almost Fatboy-ish.

16th April 2006, 16:08
Those meats are Fat Looking :roflblack :banana Glad to see everything worked out ok, and nice pics BTW.:D

16th April 2006, 16:10
Thanks for the heads up hero, I didn't even know I had a gallery. I thought I had put all those pics of WilliG in the spot for WilliG pics. I guess they went into a gallery for me too, as I see they are in the WilliG gallery also.

I'll try to download some larger pics in the gallery on a timeline that shows the changes to the bike as I modded it.

16th April 2006, 17:32
Cj it looks good, not just the tires but the bike. Btw i think the rear stock tire size is 150/80 instead of 90

16th April 2006, 18:35
Thanks Bill2, you are correct and I fixed the info

17th April 2006, 22:34
Ok, How do you like the ride, and how would you rate the grip of these tires?

17th April 2006, 23:20
Ride is superb, haven't lost grip anywhere yet. Played around on the interstate exit cloverleaf to try to make the front rub on the fender to no avail. I haven't scraped the pegs or anything but the grip seems to be just fine for me.

No rain to rate them in the wet yet, but this is Florida so that will come eventually.

All in all I'm pleased with the tires so far, we will see what kind of mileage I get out of them before the year is out as I ride at the least 75 miles a day.

Will my speedometer be off because I went to the upsized tires??

18th April 2006, 01:10
Will my speedometer be off because I went to the upsized tires??



18th April 2006, 01:20
Thanks Sean, is there any way to recalibrate it?? A reflash of the computer at the dealer perhaps ??:dunno :dunno

18th April 2006, 01:55
That might work, but S&S makes a Speedometer Calibrator. It's sold by J&P among others.

18th April 2006, 02:10
I'll look into that, thank you ncst8er. I don't think it should be that far off, but I will take it easy going through Oak Hill on the way to work. I think they might be the ticket giving capitol of Florida:roflblack :roflblack :roflblack

18th April 2006, 02:14
Dakota Digital makes a calobrator also.

18th April 2006, 02:24
Many thanks xllent01, looks like I will have many options if a reflash will not work. Does anyone know if a reflash will take care of this anomaly ??

7th July 2006, 22:58

I dug around a bit and found this posting after looking at a post of a smiilar nature in the wheels and tyres section. Have you fixed your speedo issue? How much did it throw you off? I couldn't imagine more than + or - 2 mph?

The mod looks beauty--nice rubbers!


8th July 2006, 02:20
Thanks Jay, I never fixed the speedo issue as it doesn't seem to be that far off, at least I haven't been pulled over for speeding. Just didn't see the need as it's not that much off. They have those automated speed traps at work and by the time it flashes my speed and I look at my speedo I don't see any difference.

As an update on the tires I was caught in a monsoon yesterday and the tires held the road really well. Through big puddles and oil coming to the surface of the roads, I never felt like the tires were going to slip.

No issues with the front tire rubbing at all and I've been scraping my shoes quite a bit, they seem to hit just before my pegs do.

Very pleased with the tires so far, we'll see how long they last as I put on average about 500 miles a week on them just going to work.

8th July 2006, 02:53
Thanks Sean, is there any way to recalibrate it?? A reflash of the computer at the dealer perhaps ??:dunno :dunno

I totally missed this, I apologize. I am not sure if the factory can recalibrate it, but you can do it with a programable ignition. You'll be off the percentage of change from your old tires size to new tire size.


8th July 2006, 03:02
Thanks Sean, if I go with a programmable ignition when I do my engine upgrades I'll redo it, but for now it's not that far off to spend the money.

8th July 2006, 03:36
Nice job on the rubber; I'm waiting on the 110/90-19 to arrive and install next week. Your clearance gives me an idea of how much closer the 110 will be to the fender brace.

When I changed out my front sprocket, it caused a speedo error. I was able to correct it with a Dakota Digital module. chrishajer might know if '06 will reflash to correct any error due to tire size.

Thanks for the pics!

20th July 2006, 13:46
I wondered if any of you could help me out here? I am having 17" wheels made and I was wanting to fit the fatest front tire possible . Is a 110 19" tire the same width than a 110 17" tire? Hence if yes then I can use a 110. would a 120 fit with a custom fender?

27th July 2006, 00:02
Well, it's been a few months since the original post. How is the ride, how are the twisties and how is the front tire wearing? I was thinking the same front wheel change except to spokes.

27th July 2006, 00:41
The ride has been great, the twisties are a blast(at least until I picked up a nail in the rear:frownthre ).

The front has never rubbed and is wearing nicely.

I highly recommend the upsize on the tires. :D

The Metzlers are great in the rain and I'm getting good mileage out of them, so I'll give them a thumbs up too.:clap :clap

17th September 2006, 10:23
I did the 160 install, and am lovin' it so far also, but found one area for concern. I haven't measured specifically, but it appears the extra width is squeezed enough by the rim to make the tire a bit taller. When riding two up and heavily packed, the tire rubs the underside of the fender when hitting a large bump, without bottoming out the shocks. It happened enough times on a recent trip that it wore through the rubber "tube" that carries the wiring through the rear fender, exposing the wires. Take a look and let me know if this has happened on yours. I make sure to be more dilligent about stiffening up the preload (Progressive 412 w/HD springs) now, but still thought it odd that the shocks didn't bottom out before the tire would hit. Just curious if you've noticed a significant difference in tire height. Thanks.

17th September 2006, 10:44
I haven't noticed any rubbing, however I will look when it gets light out today. I don't do a lot of 2 up riding, but then I weigh around 235 so my bike might beg to differ with me :roflblack :roflblack

Thanks for the heads up, Chris

18th September 2006, 04:33
Well, my rubbing problem was 2 up, and loaded down way more than we should have been. I figure we were right about at the max recommended weight HD lists for the bike. I'm 225, my wife is 135, and we had about 80 lbs of stuff, plus the weight of the hard bags, windshield, chrome lowers, Linbar, detachable rack & sissy bar, etc. I'm pretty sure we were over the Gross Vehicle Weight recommendations. Who says ya can't tour on a Sporty?! :wonderlan I was just surprised that the tire would rub before the shocks would bottom out. I wish I'd measured the actual tire height before changing. Maybe the Metzeler site lists unmounted heights for both... I gotta check.

17th October 2012, 04:16
Great thread :)
I'm just about to throw a Wideglide front end on my 04 (06 1200 engine) sporty and will use the same 110 front 160 rear Metzelers

20th October 2012, 12:03
I also put 160 in rear, I think 160 is MAX for stock swing arm.
the clearance to belt guard is about 5mm left.
but I am sure that each tire maker has different overall width.
my160 is DURO BLVD.

20th October 2012, 12:49
I only did the front 110 replacement but am very happy with it, I may even grind the inside bolt hole puckers down a bit this winter so the tire will slip in without removing the fender, but may not as once a year is about all I will change it anyway...



I ride the twisties and have had the 110/90/19 on for near +/-15k and really like it, no rub probs., as you can see that is a Dunlop... I still have a 150 on the rear, but do have the RK air shocks which are a bit taller than stock, so a 160 should not compress enough to rub the fender, but the belt clearance is still on my mind...
Have a good one...Tater...

14th December 2012, 02:02
looks great !!! what year is the bike?
i have a 87 and would like to do the same
can you give me more info on rear tire