View Full Version : Starter Problems?

16th April 2006, 17:28
More frequenly when I hit the starter button on my '05 XLR 1200 I hear a loud crashing sound. Sometimes the starter engages and sometimes I have to hit the starter button again. The battery is ok and the engine starts up ok.

Has anybody experienced this? Thanks,

72 Ironhead XLH
16th April 2006, 17:48
Happened when my timing was way off, or your solenoid is going bad.

XL Custom 1200
20th April 2006, 04:17
Yeah, my 00' 1200 does that sometimes too. I would like to know about this also. I only have 5100 miles on mine.:doh

20th April 2006, 04:25
Happens to my bike also. I have found that it goes away if I start it in neutral after rocking it foward a bit to unload the gears. Everytime it happens I envision metal teeth chipping off against eachother.

18th March 2007, 01:25
i have a 74 sportster iron head that the starter just clicks, battery is fine but no turn over? wiring looks good, no loose or burnt wires.
any ideas?

Hot Rod Sporty
18th March 2007, 01:30
There's another thread on here about this. I think it's called 'starter clunk' or something like that.

Mine does it too. ONLY when it's hot. Usually after I've turned it off for a short time ie: gassing up, go in a store, etc.

18th March 2007, 01:52
Welcome to the forum Goatboy. Hot Rod is right about the other thread, there's also a sticky thread by Ironmick in the Ironhead section on charging systems. That's a good place to introduce yourself!

18th March 2007, 01:52
The section, not the sticky BTW