View Full Version : Adjustable Ignition Tming?

10th February 2005, 13:35
Okay, I'm an old racecar guy. Once you get the carburetor, cams, exhaust etc. set up properly, fine tuning is usually done with the ignition, especially advance and retard of static timing and the advance curve. A degree or two can make quite a bit of difference in the performance of an engine. How do we do that with the rubber-mounted Sporty 1200 engine? Can an SE ignition module's curve or static timing be 'adjusted'?

I realize the need for a computer to display the programming of the ROM (Read Only Memory) of an ICU and the further need of an additional program to "reset" timing points as well as to 'burn' a ROM. Anyone done this or can someone point me in the right direction?

10th February 2005, 13:45
I've done a fair bit of this on different systems.... havn't done an '04 yet but I think the crane system will be basicly the same as the early twin cam one which I had no probs with..

The map sensor gives you 8 different curves depending an manifold vacuum.

The softwar allows you to tweak any point in the whole map to where ya want it....

I'll see if I can post a readout later if ya want..

10th February 2005, 13:54
Daytona Twin tec(daytona-twintec.com) has the TC88A adjustable ignition that plugs into the 04-05 wiring.

10th February 2005, 19:41
The Screamin Eagle Ignition tuner kit does it with the stock module. Very easy to use if you can get your bike within 6 feet of a computer. The software is as easy as playing PacMan. Now knowing where to set the timing is a little more complicated. The SE kit is pricey, but the Daytona Twin Tec has some issues with the security system if your bike has one. It will work, but some people have claimed that it causes signal light flashing and error codes to pop up.