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21st April 2006, 16:53
I have an 04 XLC. I want to switch to the OEM Mags. I am thinking 19". I don't think I have seen a 21". I have been looking through threads and have read about the differences is axle size. What is the difference in the 04 and pre 04 axle size? I have also seen that there are different part numbers for dual disk and single disk rims/mags. Why is there a difference. Isn't a rim a rim :dunno I have seen some on e-bay fairly cheap but I am unsure of what to look for. I also have read about being able to make rims work with a little work. What kind of modifications can I make if necessary on a pre 04 rim to fit my 04. I am going to stick with 16 on the rear.

I don't think it matters but I want specifically 9 spoke polished alum and black.

Can someone Please educate me I am confused.

21st April 2006, 16:58
The mags will be 19" for the front so you'll need a new tire too.

'05+ bikes have a 1" rear axle. '04- bikes have a 3/4" rear axle.

'04+ bikes have a 150mm rear tire and '03- have a 130mm but I'm not sure if that affects rim size.

I'm guessing that the dual disc thing is because of different hubs but I'm not at all sure on that.

Others will chime in but that's a start.

22nd April 2006, 03:24
i think the rear axles r the same from '00 to '04... the rims have always been 3"... i don't think the front wheels r different for single or dual disks, but the forks r different, to have the extra mounting for the caliper... make sure the front wheel is for an '00 or newer narrow glide, a wide glide wheel won't work...

22nd April 2006, 15:13
I know some front wheels are only tapped for mounting a single rotor, while others are tapped to mount dual rotors. There may or may not be some machining to provide a face for the rotor to sit against.



22nd April 2006, 16:26
I did the mag swap on the front of my 04 1200 Custom. Mine came with the 16" factory cast rear wheel. No big deal. Just look for a 19" narrow glide cast front wheel between 2000-2004. Earlier front mags may fit, but there's plenty of the 2000-2004 stuff around. I think all the front cast wheels are set up for double discs, but you only use one disc on the custom, unless you replace the second fork leg. The factory mag is a direct bolt on with the stock axle, spacers, disc, etc.

Rear wheels are also a direct bolt on in that 2000-2004 range. 05 and higher have a bigger 1" rear axle.

You run a wider 100 front tire on the 19" front mag. Makes a big difference on the handling over the narrow 21" tire. I've got a 110 Avon on mine, but there's not much fender clearance.

Good Luck,:)

22nd April 2006, 17:11
Well I scored these Mags for 100 bones off ebay. I may have made a mistake ( you live and you learn)as they said they came off a shovelhead but I think I can make them work

what do you think?