View Full Version : Handlebars with 0 pullback

22nd April 2006, 02:37
Im putting "ape hangers" on my bike but cant find any I like. I want a set with 0 pullback but cant find any need help

22nd April 2006, 02:54
I looked for those once also, but no luck. May have to have 'em made.

22nd April 2006, 03:41
Zero pull back? So would that be a drag bar except it has 16" of rise?

22nd April 2006, 03:45
add straight risers/ what size ape's ???

22nd April 2006, 04:22
There are no apes with zero pullback because even
just the part of the bars where the grips attach are
angled back and considered part of the pullback.
If you want zero pullback then you'll have to look
at an entirely different type of bar.