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1200 Custom
22nd April 2006, 02:40
Going to work this morning i went to pass and hit the left turn signal switch,it started blinking and then would not shut off... I hit both switches and the flasher worked fine,then agian and they went off but the left side kept blinking... On the way home i just took the bulbs out of the left side and the right side worked fine... Now it just gets weirder.. Some times i can turn the key on and they will both be ok and work fine,then i can turn the right signal on and it's working fine blink blink blink and then without touching anything the left side starts blinking and the right side stops... Any ideas????:frownone

22nd April 2006, 02:50
Haunted?:roflblack :roflblack :roflblack

22nd April 2006, 02:55
First i would open the handlebar controls and clean the switches areas. Probably full of old spider nests etc. Next i would check the turn signal controller. It is under the seat. Has one 6 or 8 pin connector [if it is like my 1998]. Disconnect, clean, re-connect. Finally i would check the speedometer sensor that plugs into the transmission and sends a signal to the turn signal controller.

Moved On
22nd April 2006, 03:02
I started answering this saying it sounded like it must be in the turn signal module.... but maybe not. If you had a left turn switch that was starting to short or possibly a short in the wiring it could act this way. The short would have to be between white with violet stripe wire and +12v though. Typically shorts pull things low (i.e. short to ground). But if something was pulling that line high, it could hold the left turn signal on or cause it to come on eratically if the short were intermittent.

I hope it's not that, because that might be a bear to isolate.


22nd April 2006, 03:10
Thats strange cuase the other day my right blinker stayed on and wouldn't shut off. The left one worked fine , etc.. after riding about a couple of miles I pulled over and killed everything took the key out and swore at it :) I then put the key back in fired her up and the right blinker started working normally again. It was very strange.

1200 Custom
22nd April 2006, 03:33
What do you think about this?? I had the porter that works for me wash my bike last night just before i came home, and maybe he got alot of water around and in the switches, could that do it????

Moved On
22nd April 2006, 03:38
Could be... that could cause a short in the turn signal switch. Even a mildly conductive short could turn the signal on since I imagine it's a rather high impedance input to the turn signal module.


1200 Custom
24th April 2006, 03:05
Well i guess i got lucky... I took the switch housings loose and sprayed some contact cleaner and then some W-D 40 in the switches... Have rode all weekend and no more problems... So i'm betting it was water in the switches...

Btw thanks everyone for the input, i'll try to return the favor