View Full Version : Auxilary Lamp Connection

22nd April 2006, 19:57
Just a quick, stupid question I think I already know but just want to make sure. I'm ditching the eyebrow mounted headlight and going with a tear drop style mounted to the tree (like the customs). I'm getting ready to wire my Aux. Lamps and I want them to be on both high and low beam. Now all I believe all I need to do is split off the aux. light wire that runs into the head lamp and run a wire to each, my high beam hot and my low beam hot. That should send power to the lights when I'm on hi or low. Correct? Just checking !

22nd April 2006, 20:47
What I did, is used the horn wire for the relay's power instead of the low-beam wire. That way I could turn on the aux lights whenever the bike was on instead of only when the low-beam was on. In any case, you'll use the aux-power for the main power feed. Or, you could do as you said and run a wire to each in the headlight. I chose the horn because it was near the aux-light switch and because I didn't want anymore wires running into the headlamp through that grommet.