View Full Version : Rear brakes locked up...

23rd April 2006, 03:18
I changed from mid to forward controls today... just disassembled the mids, bolted on and hooked up the forwards... went to check everything out and noticed that the rear pads are pressed all the way to the disc... the rear wheel is locked up tight...

Can anyone clue me as to what has happened, what I've done or didn't do correctly?



23rd April 2006, 03:26
if your master cylinder is not returning all the way it will hold pressure on the caliper and the resulting heat will increase the pressure till it locks, not a good thing

23rd April 2006, 03:32
Just try readjusting the linkage to help relieve the pressure off the cylinder so the brakes don't bind up.

BTW- hope you didn't try to ride the bike before you relized there was a problem with the brakes.

23rd April 2006, 03:36
Nope, haven't ridden it yet.... rear pads are pressed so tight to the disk, the wheel won't turn...

can't figure out what I did to get it that way

23rd April 2006, 03:51
My Dad likes to say that when faced with a perplexing problem like this, if you have a coupla smokes and stare at it long enough, it'll come to you.... :)

Start by dropping the linkage, and see where that gets you...then go from there....

23rd April 2006, 03:52
You can always pull the caliper and take a C-clamp and drive the brake pistons back into the caliper to help relieve the pressure ,and give yourself a clean slate to help atleast get the wheel to spin freely then figure out if the linkage is too tight from there.

23rd April 2006, 04:08
If you push the pads apart be careful when you use the brake for a little bit. You'll have to pump the brake till the pads get back to where they belong before you have any rear brake at all.

At least that's what I experienced when I spread my pads to help with the rear tire change.

6th April 2012, 16:55
Same thing happening...easy fix?
Just changed to forwards and then damn...rear brake locked, havent even started the thing, freed brake rod and replaced, just not moving. Everything seems loose...
What caused it and how to remedy anyone?

6th April 2012, 17:04
All the above is good advice and can work quicker by first removing the resoivoir lid giving the fluid some were to go.

Be carefull on post 04 bikes as you have dot4 fluid which is no freind to paint- work.

6th April 2012, 17:36
Removed resovoir cap, left it for a minute.
Left the bike for 2 hrs.
Was able to move the rear wheel again.
Simple was it? Im not sure what happened.
Air bubble?
Dunno, but its good again...

6th April 2012, 19:22
Have removed the resovoir cap but I dont have any other tools apart from the ones I used to change the controls out with. Should I 'push' the pads apart...what with?
Bit lost here on this being a novice and all...

If you have the tools to get the caliper off then Exlents sugestion of a C clamp (or G clamp as we call them in Britland,) to squeaze them in with a wooden pad on the face of the calper to protect the finnish.

If you are leaving the caliper on.
Back of the adjuster from the peadal to ensure it moves freely.
You can now use a wide flat bladed screwdriver between the metal part of the pad that overlaps the friction material, and the Rotor. gently twist leavering it back a little. If the rotor moves stop. as it is possible to permantly warp the rotor! A lttle pressure is ok Once its free thats enough.
spin the wheel, adujst and reaply the break.

If it sticks again, diconect the foot controll and operate the masterr cylinder.
There by isolating which component is causing the problem.