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24th April 2006, 00:43
I read a thread a week ago about Sportrans primary lube and I just confirmed
it today.

Yes.........Harley's discontinuing that fluid. I asked the stealership parts guys
today at Route66 in Tulsa and he showed me the status, it says "Obsolete" in their inventory database.
They still have 6 cases of it in stock........I bought 2 qts.

Just thought I'd pass this info along.

24th April 2006, 00:47
been replaced with formula+
got some to do my 10k service, haven't got around to it yet.

25th April 2006, 17:13
1 time bump.

Sportster Girl
25th April 2006, 17:40
Yep, I was at LowCountry HD in Charleston SC this past weekend and picked up oil, filter and primary lube.

They were out of SportTrans and I got Forumua +. My local dealer still has SportTrans but they say when the stock is gone it's gone....

25th April 2006, 18:10
......soooooo..... Are they saying we can use Formula X in the older bikes or do we have to shop somewhere else?? Or does it matter??

25th April 2006, 18:23
Yeah...I haven't even seen this "Formula +" stuff - is it the HD replacement? It's not Synthetic, is it?

25th April 2006, 18:27
Actually I think SportTrans was a synthetic blend anyway.

25th April 2006, 18:33
Actually I think SportTrans was a synthetic blend anyway.

I did not know that...learn something everyday.

Sportster Girl
25th April 2006, 19:28
FORMULA+ Transmission and Primary Chaincase Lubricant

Developed with a proprietary mineral basestock formula, TESTED-CERTIFIED by Harley-Davidson® Motor Company. Formulated to provide lubricity for the anti-wear requirements of transmission gears. Formulated to maintain the coefficient of friction for proper clutch operation and provide adequate lubrication to the primary chain. Approved for use in all stages of transmission and primary chaincase life. Not for use in the crankcase as a motor oil.


IN-STORE PURCHASE ONLY Contact dealer for pricing and availability.

1 Quart

Formulated for use in Harley-Davidson Transmissions (except VRSC models) and the following Primary Chaincase applications: '71-later XL, '83-'84 XR1000, and '84-later Big Twin models with wet type diaphragm spring clutch.

MSRP US $5.95

http://www.harley-davidson.com/gma/gma_product.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=84552444876833 9&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302290915&ASSORTMENT%3C%3East_id=2534374302290915&bmUID=1145989480115&bmLocale=en_US

25th April 2006, 19:35
As long as Harley has given it the offical "Thumb's Up", it seems as it will be just fine to me.

25th April 2006, 19:36
...thank ye kindly ya sweet lassie you.. ;-)

Sportster Girl
25th April 2006, 19:37
...thank ye kindly ya sweet lassie you.. ;-)

You betcha.....:smoke

Can't have you worrying.....

25th April 2006, 19:43
They had an article on this a couple months ago in the Enthusiast or Hog Tales, I forget which one.

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