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25th April 2006, 14:51
I've gotten a Screamin' Eagle ignition race tuner kit. :D

I immediately used it today. :banana

However it is not possible to communicate with the module though com port number was matched. :frownone

Warning "Module does not reply" is displayed. :frownthre :frownthre :frownthre

To tell the truth, I've borrowed this from my friend, but don't seem to understand it because he has not yet used this.

I'm using windows XP.

Please give some advice to me.

Thanks in advance.

25th April 2006, 15:49
Red ....

I can't help you on this, but when you get it figured out ... it should be able to read the timing tables in the various modules. How about you getting us the timing info from the stock 1200 module and maybe one of those SE modules if you have access to one?


25th April 2006, 18:14
Thanks Ron,
I appreciate your quick reply. :)

I keep making an effort to use Screamin' Eagle application. :boxing

That's impossible to make a advance table start from scratch to me because I don't have knowledge of an engine like you, that's why I am particular about a stock advance table of 1200R.

I have difficulty with it all the more, because I've removed a tachometer.

I show a part of my work incidentally.
This data modified some part of 883 data which you showed. (Rear cyl offset +2)

I got information from a Japanese service manual.
(1000rpm...20degrees Stock1200R)
I made the following data based on data of this information and 883data and your Map33. (Rear cyl offset +2)
This thinks that it feels like a stock1200R a little.

I'm irritated that I can't explain the fine nuance for you because I'm not good at English. :cry1

I'm making new data from reference in a difference of a feeling of two data which I showed on the top.


26th April 2006, 08:07
I've got the same tuner! Mine also has trouble communicating with the module. I've traced the problem to either the interface or the cable that connects the interface to the diagnostic port. I'm still waiting on HD TO GET BACK TO ME ON THIS! The only way I can get mine to work is to shake the cable untill it connects then hold the cable without moving it.
I made the mistake of not saving the stock table due to the poorly written instructions and would be interested in a copy of the stock table.

26th April 2006, 09:48
I made the mistake of not saving the stock table due to the poorly written instructions and would be interested in a copy of the stock table.

I think you're the one who originally sent these to me...

Have at 'em guys: http://www.lynk.us/xlforum/XL_ignition.zip

Remember, the MAP values are in cbar (1/100 barometric pressure unit).

26th April 2006, 12:41
Thanks hondo,
I'll shake the cable once. :)
However, Lynk presented information that I wanted to know.

Thanks Lynk,
I got the data which I wanted to know at last. :banana
Japanese specifications seem to be different from U.S. :frownthre
I make data by using TC88A referring to that.

What a wonderful Forum it is! :xlrocks

26th April 2006, 16:22
Does not the SE stuff "lock" itself to a particular system, so it can only be used on ONE vehicle?????

27th April 2006, 15:45

I've got a method to bring back an SE Race Tuner.
Don't worry about that. ;)

However, the motorcycle and PC same as before cannot communicate. :frownthre

I'm a little concerned about a package of CD-ROM with "98, 2000, NT, ME".
"XP" is not mentioned.

Is anybody using SE Race Tuner with XP?

29th April 2006, 15:42
At last, my motorcycle and PC were able to be communicated. :banana

I'm sorry to ask a stupid question. :p

After all the cause was loose connection of a cable as hondo said. :redmad

This SE advance table seems to have been effective against my motorcycle.

I said I know it's only Sportster but I like it. :banagui
I like it.
Yes, I do.

29th April 2006, 16:54
Red ...

Will that tuner read the timing curve in the module you have in your bike now?

I would really like to know the timing curves on either the stock 1200 module or that SE module if that is what you have installed now (before you make any changes). Both would really be nice! :)


29th April 2006, 19:29
Unfortunately system is such that I cannot know an advance table of original 1200.

The reason is because work begins by writing in an SE advance table which is in a CD-ROM to Stock module.

Therefore the data which I can show all of you are only 4 SE advance table.

1. SE advance table that designed for engines with stock-compression 1200.
2. SE advance table that designed for engines with stock-compression and Screamin' Eagle Cams 1200.
3. SE advance table that designed for engines with stock-compression 883.
4. SE advance table that designed for engines with stock-compression and Screamin' Eagle Cams 883.

However, these are the data which hondo and Lynk already showed. :dunno

29th April 2006, 19:42
Thanks Red .... Well, all I was really interested in was the actual timing tables in the stock 04 1200 module and maybe the ones in the 1200 SE module that has the 7,000 rpm rev limiter. That SE module supposidly retards timing 5 degrees at wide open throttle .... It would be nice to see what the timing tables look like.

I just thought that tuner would alow you to see them before you would make modifications to them.


30th April 2006, 06:13

To tell the truth, my original plan borrows SE Race Tuner and gets the data of stock1200. And, I was going to make a modification by using TC88A based on the data.

However, as a result, I was able to transfer Stock module to data to recommend of SE with SE Race Tuner, luckily.
(Thanks hondo.
If there was not your advice, I may not continue shaking the cable and I couldn't get that.) :)

Then I'm ready to show four data for "Twin Cam" if you are necessary as reference.