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13th February 2005, 10:23
Got the big winter project started, and need to pull the tank to run wires for the guages. The line clamp from the petcock appears to be a crimp on, do I just cut it off and replace it with a stainless hose clamp? Any helpfull hints would be appreciated.
Do you guys think HD could have found a more difficult spot for the ground lug? Jeeez...

Shark Doctor
13th February 2005, 11:57
Hi radar!

Musta missed your intro, so, first, welcome to the Forum!!! Lotsa cool riding near you, so I know you'll enjoy spring!

The fuel line clamp is a pain the butt. The smallish tab seems to fold down once you've crimped it tightly enough. A small hose clamp would probably do just as well though is is a bit larger and could be a bit unsightly.

Since you mention the ground lug, I'm assuming you're going to remove the battery. I couldn't get ahold of the lug either, but I found that I could pull the battery out just enough to remove the negative from the battery (before the positive, following H-D instructions). Then I could easily remove the remaining wires from the + and free the battery.

Gotta see some pix of your ride, and, if you haven't already, head over to the intro section so everyone can welcome you properly!!!

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13th February 2005, 16:47
I dunno about the OH-FISH-L harley manuals, but the cheezy manuals tell you to cut off the stock clamp and replace it with a regular ol' standard issue hose clamp. (which is exactly what I did.)

14th February 2005, 01:16
I prefer the ring type clamps to the screw/worm style, but yes, you're right.

14th February 2005, 01:28
Don't forget about the breather hose on the other side. You don't want to snap that off when you remove the tank.