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13th February 2005, 15:24

13th February 2005, 15:30
that was one hell of a crash. there was an accident like this outside my job once wear the bike was going straight and a car was turning left onto a side street and both were trying to beat a light and the car cut off the bike and the same thing that happened in this video happened to the motorcycle driver unfortunately the biker did not live. when he hit the ground his helmet fell off and rolled about another 15 yards down the block. not a cool thing to see.

13th February 2005, 15:30
That was AWESOME....

Hooray for the Spanish Police....

Now, here's a scenario for ya....the bad guy suspects something and forces a civilian to take his place...threatening to kill his wife or something......and the cop ends up hurting a civilian, thinking he's the bad guy......


13th February 2005, 15:55
Cheers! The Spanish Police know how to conduct business!

13th February 2005, 23:56
Hehehe......can you imagine how much money a jury would award that crook if any cop in the U.S. pulled a stunt like that?

14th February 2005, 00:03
I lived a while in Barcelona. Traffic lights are a total joke: every intersection is a death trap and there is no such thing as right-of-way to those folks. Our drive to work added about five years to my age. We finally gave up, and used the train.